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Lionel Messi’s Jealous Girlfriend Logs Into His IG Account & Blocks Miss BumBum Brazil For Sending Him These Naughty Photos

(150113) -- ZURICH, Jan. 13, 2015 (Xinhua) -- Lionel Messi (R) of Argentina poses with Argentinian model Antonella Roccuzzo on the red carpet ahead of the 2014 FIFA Ballon d'Or award ceremony in Zurich, Switzerland, Jan. 12, 2015. (Xinhua/Zhang Fan)

After seeing the photos, I can confidently conclude that e reach to block. Lmao! Suzy Cortez is 2015 Miss BumBum Brazil, winner of a beauty pageant that pits ladies against each other based on the fleshiness of their bums- so one can understand how she can make any girlfriend wary.

Cortez claims Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi’s girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo, has blocked her from the player’s Instagram account for sharing sexy photos typically targeted at Messi.

Cortez is a huge Barca fan, and often poses in suggestive ways in Messi’s no.10 Barcelona shirt and posts it online, often congratulating Messi for something.

She claims this led Antonella to block her from the player’s account, and later from Roccuzzo’s account, and she doesn’t understand why.

“I was completely shocked when I spotted it. If I could, I would tell her not to be worried about me, I’m just a fan. I’m surprised that she isn’t more sure of herself.” She told the Sun.

“I guess it can only be because she is jealous. It’s very silly because I’m just a football fan and a huge fan of Barcelona. This is such an over reaction.

“I only follow about 10 people and he was one of them. So when I saw that I was blocked I thought it could only be jealousy. Why would he block me if he has 40million followers? Then I checked her profile and confirmed she had also blocked me.”

Perhaps, watching her pictures would tell you why…

Photo 1

Photo 2 

Photo 3

Photo 4



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  1. haba e extra reach to block na, even reach to carry fight go

  2. aha, you can’t blame messi’s girl tho, see fresh ass, o! boy. lol

  3. Valentine Mege Emeka

    Loll…. Don’t think Messi’s gf ova-reacted at all

  4. Ife Jaiye-tikolo

    This is why messi has not been performing

  5. Lionel Salihu Divine

    Messi blocked her himself. Lol yestdy was crazy. The lady actually said anto was insecure abt her lmao

  6. Candice Witehira

    jealous of her golum eyes I doubt it

  7. Dhatblizqueen Call'd Victory


  8. Vai por roupa

  9. Now I know where the problem is coming from. Messi be careful this women will play you kalokaloU0001f604

  10. Isaac Acheampong

    So what Alfred Osei let him be ok na human Ee bee

  11. Gbolahan Pharuq Bolaji Tj

    so Messi also dy chop meat

  12. I now understand why messi is playing rubbish dis days, so is bum bum dat is killing messi now, yansh yansh…..lolz

  13. I would block her too!! It’s the way it begins

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