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‘I Can’t Have Tattoos On My Body Because I See My Body As A Ferrari, Bentley’ – Actress Says

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While some Nollywood stars have littered their bodies with all kinds of drawings and piercing, Mimi Orjiekwe, tells Ademola Olonilua about why she would not dare write on hers.

From being a beauty queen you became an actor, what influenced that decision?

When I contested for Miss African Queen, one of the judges was a movie director and when he saw me, he convinced me to audition for a role and do my best in it. Even before then, when I was in school, I was always involved in the dramatic club, so when I got the opportunity to audition for a movie, I embraced it. That was how it all started for me.

How was the transition from the runway to television screen?

They are all different forms of entertainment and I have a passion for entertainment. If you love entertainment, you would want to do anything in the field. They are all in the same category. I would say that the major difference between the two is that acting is more emotional, you have to express yourself while acting but when it comes to beauty pageantry, you just have to walk pass people but also try to impress them and not fall in the process.

Why did you decide to go into beauty pageantry?

Being a beautiful girl, a lot of modelling agency approached me to join their agency. A family friend of mine, Temidayo, convinced me to give it a shot. He told me that I could be a beauty queen and I would excel, so I picked the form, competed in a beauty pageant and I won. That was the beginning. After then, I was invited to be a part for an advertising campaign but it was never my turf or what I wanted to do in life.

Since it was fetching you money why didn’t you stick to it?

When I was growing up, I never really had a clear cut idea as to what career path I wanted to toe in life. As a matter of fact, I always wanted to be a lawyer but when modelling and acting came, I dropped that idea. You do not know what God has in stock for you. I was supposed to study Law but it did not work out. I had to study some acting courses and when I got the opportunity to become an actress, I embraced it and I love the limelight.


You won the pageant in 2009 but you have not changed much, how have you been able to maintain your physique?

It is hard to stay in shape because as you grow, you tend to eat more food and if you do not exercise regularly, it would be difficult to keep your shape. Whenever I see any girl who is in shape, I always give them kudos because it means they really worked hard. Sometimes I grow bigger and other times I am slimmer. But I work out a lot and I watch what I eat. However, I have come to realise that it is not about what you eat but the hormones in you. If you want to remain beautiful and keep fit, you have to work hard. One has to work out daily, watch what you eat, embark on regular diets, and maintain your physique.

Has your beauty ever worked against you?

It has opened a lot of doors for me but it can also make people upset. If some people think you are beautiful and feel you don’t have their time or refuse to do their bidding, they get upset. It has happened several times. It is one of the challenges of being beautiful. If you need a favour from a man, he would believe it is the right time to make advances at you.

How often do you get advances from men?

I don’t know how frequent it is but I know that I get advances from men a lot. As a woman, it doesn’t matter whether if you are beautiful or ugly; men would always want to talk to you, so it is up to you to learn how to handle it. You have to be genuinely nice to people because sometimes, they do not want to woo you, they only want to be friends. I handle advances from men as an adult and I am nice to everyone. But if you take it further than friendship, then I will tell you it is impossible.

How do you maintain your skin?

I do not like the sun and if I must walk under the sun, I use an umbrella. I try to always be at places where the air conditioner is on. I use normal body mosturisers, nothing expensive. So I think it is by the grace of God that my skin glows.

How much do you spend on beauty products?

I can’t say I really spend much because I change my soap and cream as soon as they finish and I don’t keep records of that. I don’t use any facial wash or cleanser. I use facial scrub once in a while. I don’t spend much to be beautiful. I think you just have to use the right products on your skin to make it glow.

We have seen women bleach their skin just to be as fair as you, how do you react to that?

It is unfortunate and it happens because people are convinced their creams are good products and would make their skin glow and shine. They buy it, use it, then it burns their skin and they begin to regret their decision. I feel so sorry for them because it is not good for a woman to bleach. Bleaching disgusts men and even people who come around you. I always advise ladies not to patronise those who sell bleaching creams. You should not buy a product that you know nothing about. You need to go for a skin test to know exactly what suits your skin. Our skin is very sensitive and if you use a harsh product on it, it will definitely burn your skin.

How come you don’t have any tattoo?

I cannot draw anything on my body. I see my body as a Ferrari or a Bentley. You will never see anyone write things on such exotic cars. I keep my skin clean, I don’t want any tattoo on my body because I don’t need all that. I think if I inscribe something on my body, at a point, I might not want it any more so I don’t want to do something I would want to remove later in life and may not be able to.

How about extra body piercing?

I come for a very humble Christian background. It is not like there is anything wrong with extra body piercing but I grew up knowing my mother did not have an extra piercing on her body. She is my role model and I do not want to do anything she did not do. As the only daughter in my family, my mother was and still is the only one I look up to. I learnt how to shape my eye brows from her. She did not have an extra piercing. I copied that from her. When I was growing up and saw that my friends had multiple ears piercing, I liked it at a point but I made a decision not to indulge in it because my mother didn’t do it.

Since you were the only girl in your family, weren’t you a tomboy when you were much younger?

When I was in secondary school, people always said that I looked like a boy. We had a drama club in school and I was always asked to play the role of a man because I went to an all-girl’s school. They gave me the role because I acted it very well, all thanks to what my brothers taught me. I remember when I was growing up, we always played football and we wore just our boxers. I was always the goalkeeper and we did a lot of rough play. Then I did not have boobs. But that did not stop me from knowing I was a woman. It was a stage in my life; my early years and I miss those years so much. I did not care if someone was looking at me or what I was wearing. It never really occurred to me that I had to look good. I miss those days but I am happy that we grew into something better today.

What kind of clothes are you comfortable wearing?

I don’t like stress so I like something that is simple. I don’t care who made it, once it is comfortable and it fits very well, then I am good with it.

It seems you do not mind showing off your cleavage…

If you have it, flaunt it. But it does not mean I should show the world everything. I have to look sexy for myself. Nobody is stopping you from showing what you have but don’t look irresponsible.



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  1. Memory Thandeka Masuku

    It is sweetie

  2. Ifyziment Christiana

    Our body is temple of god. U must keep it de way god created it. Stop tattoos.

  3. Ifyziment Christiana

    Thanks Bright Osayaba Ikponmwosa god bless u and ur family. U say it all.

  4. OK bt u can bleach ?

  5. Anderson Kyler Williams

    U made my day. Great reply

  6. Anderson Kyler Williams

    U wear heavy make up n etc n talk thrash about tattoo?

  7. Dieula Demosthene

    That’s right, her opinions and all, but her speech just cheap cause those are materialistic.

  8. Dieula Demosthene

    That’s right, her opinions and all, but her speech just cheap cause those are materialistic. #ChoicesU0001f44fU0001f3feU0001f44fU0001f3fe

  9. I hv tattoos nd my body is more expensive than the most expensive car in d world

  10. Dieula Demosthene

    Choices is yours of course but by her comparing her Body to a Materialistic things just sad to me. #MyOpinion A body of a temple of God would of sounds much better to me. My dear im far from hating. Life is all about having your own Self Esteem, Confident and SelfRespect.

  11. Dieula Demosthene

    Preach on dear.

  12. Same girl will fall in love with a guy with tattoos!!

  13. Jordan Brice get u a girl who sees her body like a Ferrari

  14. Jordan Brice get u a girl who sees her body like a Ferrari

  15. Movingman Biafra Emmanuel

    Better don’t put those stains on your body, appreciate your God’s given body they way it’s.U0001f44d

  16. Movingman Biafra Emmanuel

    Better don’t put those stains on your body, appreciate your God’s given body they way it’s.U0001f44d

  17. Dear your body is worth more then those so call car you’ve mention! Looking beautiful always

  18. Dear your body is worth more then those so call car you’ve mention! Looking beautiful always

  19. Simple choice of her! Like that

  20. Simple choice of her! Like that

  21. Spot on (y)

  22. Girl on Point!

  23. Lola Onyenyi Chukwu

    True talk na

  24. Ur body is even more expensive than a Ferrari, u are priceless! Keep it safe

  25. We rock it man yea I love dat (choice)

  26. Syasia Washington

    Its a temple actually.

  27. Precious Mbali Mtungwa

    Haibo its her choice nd givng an example of ferrari its rilly nyc coz thus how she feels..she cant say bcoz her body its a temple of God coz whethr u hav tattoo or nt its stil the temple of God,,,,nd havng none doesnt mean u holy,,,what is much important is our soul,, when we die the body wil rot lyk of animal bt our souls are the ones to be judged

  28. Roseline Modupe Ugwu

    Which planet are you living in? U0001f440U0001f440U0001f440

  29. Commrade Skimma Abasiano

    Amaka na you creat ur self Haba…. This ur beauty is too much any way u have spoken nothing but he truth… Tell her again and again exposing her boobs is not a tool for public consumption n cultured to keep her dignity trying to expose n market her self to the public.

  30. Wooo…Kim Kardashian’s line

  31. Adeshola Adewusi

    Kim kadashian said it first, please the least you could do is be original

  32. Bienfait-prince Buhendwa

    You love her body, but I don’t think she love yours….

  33. Winfridah Mosiori

    Leave this ashawo alone…

  34. It’s true tato is ushamba pumbafu b,cos the body is not a book

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  36. Winfridah Mosiori

    Your eyelashes fake, ua boobs hanging. Is that wat u call expensive??

  37. Shakia Korieocha

    If tattoos aren’t for you then cool but you should value yourself more than a car. Cars are easy.

  38. Lol..Kim kardashian said it first…

  39. Margret Tizauone

    Though shall not tattoo yourself #justsaying.

  40. Bienfait-prince Buhendwa well I was just trying to let you and her know that I don’t discriminate anyone , whether tatt or plain. It’s still about choices

  41. Nichole Stewart. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  42. I love u for dat dear.

  43. Folake Aina Oladeinde

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  44. Abdulgafar Abubakar

    U are right girlllll

  45. A bitch is a bitch no matter how you try to dignify yourself…you no want tattoos…but your breast De sing hosanna for us…WTF

  46. I agree with her, tattoo is satanic, there,s a spirit behind that, u can do the whole makeup in the world and ur still serving God, u read ur bible and understand what the scripture says is not a sin, even God said it that we should enjoy our youthful age when we are young, but he did not ask us to draw tattoo on our body, did adam and eve had tattoo? The truth is always bitter, tho am not perfect, but to tell u the truth tattoo is satanic take it or u leave.

  47. Inec Kizito Okpori

    Up to you na your choice , life is like market U0001f3c3U0001f3fbU0001f3c3U0001f3fbU0001f3c3U0001f3fbU0001f3c3U0001f3fbU0001f3c3U0001f3fbU0001f3c3U0001f3fb

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  49. Makhomo Jay Overvoorde

    Well it is not!

  50. Ifeanyi Sylvester Egbunamu

    Terem Peter clap for yourself 👏 and reread what you stated and slap yourself ✋

  51. One man’s choice is another Man’s poison… I hate tatoo with passion.. My body is d temple of God so I can’t destroy it with mark of d beast.

  52. My dear am with u jare, me I hate tatoo.. My body is d temple of God so I can’t afford to destroy it with mark of s beast.

  53. Commrade Skimma Abasiano It is not henna its permanent! I have had it over 20 years.

  54. Nadis Justin Emechebe

    Mercy Ododeh, what do you mean by mark of the beast? I think you are completely misinformed but I hope you receive sense soonest..

  55. thanks baby girl, i love that

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  57. August Everyoung

    #nwanne dt girl na ko rubbish,if she checks out my tattoos she go trip,#selfmade wit tattoos

  58. Bright Osayaba Ikponmwosa

    Mr Adeniyi Promise Ogidiolu go read Ur Bible, the things of God is a foolishness to ordinary man. Nkj vassion.

  59. i feel you my brother, i have tatts and it never stop me from doing anything in life

  60. August Everyoung

    #ezege,maybe we should ask her what she’s done to reach dt level,b cumin her to make some noise, wot bout her stretch marks around her waist line isn’t dt a tatt,lol

  61. Don’t mind the idiot!!!

  62. Iguodala Marinho

    She said she use normal cream as if bleaching cream is nt involved. I have watched some of her movie’s and it’s so obvious she’s using bleaching cream on her skin. I guess she’s didn’t give fair answers to most of those questions .

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  64. Rhodaline Amoako Asare

    If u see ur body as expensive as u say the stop bleaching Co’s in some few years it will not look as expensive as u want it to be word of advice dear

  65. Ifeyinwa Rosemary Ogbu

    Its should be best said your body is the temple of the lord….. Not Ferrari or any car…

  66. You cheap ..I.love tattoo

  67. Umoetor Jennifer

    Ain’t that wa Kim said?

  68. LatterdaysSaint Modson

    Folake Aina Oladeinde, I mean imitate Incase imitate did not come down well then pls attached emulate there 🙂

  69. Tattoo or no tattoo live ur life the way ur like it and let the people wit tattoo be ,it is a matter of choice not ur business

  70. U don’t like tattoo but u fix eyeslashes na was o

  71. LatterdaysSaint Modson

    Dieula Demosthene, pls mind you that there are people in this life that doesn’t believe in God, or does it use the name of God in every situation, she used Ferrari and so one because those are the kind of things that if u have u take extremely careful about them because u spend furtune to acquired them, and I don’t need to correct her to use the name of God before I understand what she mean, we Africans call God always unnecessary, sometimes even I will think he will be tired of us, after all the Bible said we should not called his name in Vain…. But we do this every seconds still we believe that we loved him so much, so those that keep on correcting her to use the name of God should save their time ⌚ because she knows that there is God!

  72. Keep ur stupid thots to urself

  73. Felicia wangui ushamwambia

  74. Chika, you are a goat

  75. Love ur tattoos

  76. wow well said sir! our body is the temple of the holy ghost! our generation today cannot stand and defend for Christ our Lord!

  77. Lolz tell dem oooo

  78. Ma dear, I knew when she started her career, she wasn’t dat fair as she is now

  79. Romeo Richard, you most be a sucking whole.

  80. This is dumbest opinion i have ever heard, anyway can’t blame her her movies sucks!!

  81. Edward Olalekan Showole, can you please name one president that have tatto and proof me wrong

  82. Patie Egua thank you so much.. I just went to uour profile to check out who is calling me a goat. Realized that you only have cats as your profile photoU0001f604 well that explains everything .. Maybe you are Animal minded.’I can’t blame you .. Some keyboard warrior

  83. Linda Dimnwaka thank you dear

  84. Lilian Aborth U0001f4af

  85. Arnold de Shaun, I guess your father have tattoo, and who is your father in Kenya.

  86. Kopano Yaki Kadafi

    But those cars can still have stickers on them

  87. Franklyn B Nwankwo

    no be only Ferrari na okada but it’s cool not to wear tatoos

  88. She copied kim Kardashian statment nicely. Kim said something similar on wendy and She ain’t no kim.

  89. If u think big of yourself you wouldn’t compare yourself to a car. Dumbo

  90. It’s so crazy how black people worship this Christ guy and his very bible has many scriptures about your enslavement to your masters and how you should submit and obey….I don’t care what she said but I still wouldn’t then say it belongs to christ….this man doesn’t exist. ..was not white…could not be white ever and was presented to us by those who would then capture enslave and kill us and still does to this day..smh……

  91. Adwoa Achiaa Screamer Prempeh

    Allie she so dumb she probably has alot of bodies tho

  92. Suzzette Callwood Amanfo

    That is so true .why have some color on marks on my skin…..

  93. August Everyoung

    Onyekwawu patie ko pant wu afaya?

  94. My sister you’re stainless, don’t mind worldly people.

  95. August Everyoung

    Let her drop her address

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  98. Zama Michelle U0001f602U0001f602 something like that

  99. August Everyoung

    Ok if u say so bro,u know I always gat ur back U0001f60eU0001f60eU0001f60eU0001f60eU0001f60e

  100. U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602i see ey…been receiving notifications non stop n u driving girls crazy with ur pics as Nigerians would say”Abeg cover urself” lol Nigerians are da bestU0001f619U0001f619U0001f619U0001f619

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