Sunday , 25 August 2019

Kelechi Iheanacho Is Officially Nigeria’s Highest-Earning Footballer Now Been Paid A Whopping £85,000 (₦42Million) Per Week


Manchester City wonder kid Kelechi Iheanacho has become Nigeria’s highest earning footballer in the English Premier League, and indeed all of Europe, as he now enjoys an £85,000-a-week (N42m) take home pay.

With his new bumper pay, Iheanacho has eclipsed Super Eagles skipper John Mikel Obi who has long been Nigeria’s highest footie earner following his move to Chelsea 10 years ago and is presently on 70,000 (N38m) pounds a week.

This comes after the 19-year-old put pen to paper on a new two-year contract extension that will keep him at the Etihad until 2021.

While describing the new and improved deal as a “dream come true”, the youngster said he could now “change the lives” of his family.

The deal came to fruition despite Iheanacho’s new handlers being locked in an ownership tussle with the player’s previous representatives, who are based in the United States of America.

Following a string of outstanding displays in his 2015/16 breakout year, his agents had initially demanded a staggering 150,000 pounds-a-week deal, a massive shift from his modest 18,000 pounds-a-week pay when he first joined the club, Vanguard writes.

Mikel’s compatriot at Stamford Bridge, Victor Moses bagged a 50,000 pounds-a-week deal when he joined Chelsea from Wigan Athletic in 2012, and will be looking for an improved offer after an impressive start to the current campaign under Antonio Conte.

Watford striker Odion Ighalo, who turned down a whopping €100,000-a-week deal to the Chinese Super league last term, is believed to have improved on his 25,000 pounds-a-week pay following a contract extension at Vicarage Road.



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  1. George Nformi Ndzi

    lies ,not per week

  2. Kelechi ….Pls remember to marry Naija to grow Naija oooU0001f600U0001f600U0001f600U0001f600

  3. Iwuchukwu Ezeabata

    it is per week bro, UK pays workers per week, be strong bro, Lol

  4. Chinonso Caleb Njoku

    Yes!!!! The young shall grow

  5. George Nformi Ndzi

    look at the amount, even messi + Ronaldo is not up to that amount

  6. 42million a week?

  7. Chukwuemeka Richard Mmaduabuchi

    Make he come marry u

  8. Na God over taking is ok

  9. Lol mate there on 300k a week

  10. Premier league big money, not that messi and them r there.

  11. Success Irene-Oshias

    Lol. He knows. His igbo honey is there

  12. This is what u call hustling not scamming and defrauding ppl of their hard earned money.

  13. Chukwuemeka Richard Mmaduabuchi No sir I’m taken. I have teenage kids. Thanks . I’m advocating for our young girls. Let’s keep that wealth within the region U0001f60a

  14. Gozicon Manchester Akai

    Haters are Like: “42mill a week? that’s a Lie”

  15. Ugochukwu Ernest Ngonadi

    Which kind per week, so in a year will be like…..?..chaaiii!!!!!

  16. The marvellous work of God

  17. Jesse Nnaezugo Obinna

    Uju Bibi Okonkwo. As beautiful as you are your kids will look beautiful to. Abi I lie

  18. Jesse Nnaezugo Obinna thanks Bros

  19. George Nformi Ndzi

    then what am i doing here with my talent, tomorrow i m signing into Manchester united.. lol

  20. Youngdestiny FathersGold

    He’s not a Nigerian but a Biafra. Parasites in Zoological republic of Nigeria like hausa and Yoruba Maggots can’t do something like this bcos laziness runs in their blood

  21. The young shall grow

  22. George Nformi Ndzi

    i m one of them,chaiii

  23. the thing week me sef. i go jus play for one year then retire.

  24. Nashon Oren Griffiths

    The biggest defrauding and scamming happen in slavery less you foget. .. And it was legal by America and Europe even though it is illegal. .. so let’s just focus on football here ok

  25. Innocent Nwaeze Elvis

    Uju Bibi Okonkwo i see your lie Mohammed that speaks for APC, so your more interested on the wealth been closer I hope when he was nothing those girls said yes to the time he was tosting them?? When Michael Obi was in jos no girl want him oo but now 9jia girls day vex lolz

  26. George Nformi Ndzi

    i regret why i did not agree the contract to play for Manchester united last season

  27. Nwm Ayodele Aderinsolà Joshua

    Fool of the 21st century…..
    You have nothing reasonable left in your brain to comment, try to keep mute…

  28. Hahaha mr common sense jnr

  29. Messi earns 336,000 a week, 2,000 an hour and £33 a minute and after his new contract he will be earning 550,000

  30. God bless you my brother and I pray for the brighter future ahead

  31. Youngdestiny I am Igbo too… but truth is you just spoke like a child and one who have never seen the four walls of a classroom. #SuchAcridIgnorance

  32. Xman Nnannaya Ezenwa

    Wow cool cash,na godwin win shaa not by struggle

  33. Xman Nnannaya Ezenwa

    Wow cool cash,na godwin win shaa not by struggle

  34. Uju bibi please you should forget about the girls, they are all intrested about his money.

  35. Uju bibi please you should forget about the girls, they are all intrested about his money.

  36. I am one, but the road isnt easy.. But belief hardwork and dedication is the key

  37. Onyeka Gift Ijeh

    Footballers this days even earns more than any president or prime minister in this world, what the British prime minister earns in a year is what some footballers earns in a week, I don’t blame you for comment, I just enter market now go buy football for my kids hahaha

  38. Chibueze Ihejirika

    Where my boot self I wan play for RealMadrid ? €100,000/ week

  39. Thank God for him.

  40. Can we leave this guy alone already?

  41. it’s true. . He has to pay taxes too

  42. Sery Shaky Adebisi

    God no go let frustration kill us o…where some married man dey earn 200k per annum…hmmmm it’s well o

  43. Common media, this young lad needs his privacy!!

  44. Innocent Nwaeze Elvis

    Hey guys something is missing here Uju comment on her kids pls what about her husband ?? Because I guess his a billion dollars man U0001f468 lolz

  45. Williams Patrick E

    Even ritualist no fit meet up

  46. Onyeka Gift Ijeh

    That’s even too small compare to what some footballers earns, roony is paid £350,0000 per week, I don’t want to mention how much gboba, messi, ronaldo, Neymar they earn because I fit faint.

  47. Youngdestiny FathersGold

    If you are an igbo then you are a mistake. Any Igbo that can’t defend his or her country is a disgrace and a mistake

  48. Obinna Richard Lucky

    stupid hausas nd yerubas should keep away from we biafrans, keep on iheanacho biafran boy

  49. Ugonna Chinedu JohnBosco

    He’s right. Nigerians hate truth. And we must continue reminding them that there is far distance between Jerusalem and Jericho. Biafrans can never be Nigerians no matter how long it takes us to quit the zoo republic.

  50. Zak Eneji Muhammed

    Youngdestiny FathersGold have u heard of Ahmed Musa before?

  51. Youngdestiny FathersGold

    Nwa chineke udo diri gi Ugonna Chinedu JohnBosco

  52. Yes oh!!! Support them and they would do you proud . My son must play football or box #must lool

  53. lol. bros, let’s not go there. even if it’s £40000, I’ll take it.

  54. Alexandra Daniels

    Youngdestiny am Igbo, but d truth is dat dis ur comment is uncalled 4

  55. Youngdestiny FathersGold

    Musa who?.
    Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha
    It’s sound like a virus name.
    Infact i will give it to my dog as a name

  56. Obinna Richard Lucky

    42 million per week while some graduates no see 30000 work do. nigeria is a mistake

  57. Adediji Oluwatofunmi

    lol. biafraudsters. pls tell me where biafra is on the world map

  58. Chimankpam Nnadozie King

    We need Biafra to come but for now he is a Nigeria player, until we get freedom we can now say he is Biafra player.

  59. Abdullahi Jajere

    Ugonna Chinedu JohnBosco idiots and why are they still using Nigeria as their National team, let him change his country name then u can call him biafraud.

  60. Dayö Timöthy Ajibade

    They are playing for Nigeria tho, maybe you should save some insults for them too.

  61. Adediji Oluwatofunmi

    bro I tell you. certificate is very useless now. people that did not even go to school are making more money now

  62. Onyeka Gift Ijeh

    My growing up days the last thing my father would want to see you was football, you must be with your books all the time but nowadays things has changed, due to the high amount footballers earns almost every parents want their children to be professional footballers, in my household, all you see in the bookshelves is football instead of books lol. At least make one of my child play football. Na who no like better thing?

  63. Youngdestiny FathersGold

    They are force to be a Nigeria like hausa rapist are forcing children to marry old men

  64. Adediji Oluwatofunmi

    forget it. that guy go marry oyinbo at the end. that is what most black footballers abroad dey do. see Mikel too. na white woman e give belle

  65. Chimankpam Nnadozie King

    George Nformi Ndzi U0001f917U0001f917U0001f917U0001f917U0001f917U0001f917U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602bro no felty oo

  66. Adediji Oluwatofunmi

    bros, go burn all the books. we need more football shelves Now. no more bookshelves!

  67. Adediji Oluwatofunmi

    lol. shalom na so. with such weekly payment you will be rich. just save up for one year and retire

  68. Jonathan Benjoe Katangwat Musa

    Big boy!!!! I remember when he was telling the media how he struggle to get #40 just to watch football matches in a viewing Centre.
    Sometimes he has to go at half time so that he would be charge 20 or 30 Naira. When he can’t afford it, he will wait close by, to ask for the results after the match.
    That is just some five or six years back.
    May God open doors for all those who are struggling.

  69. Ileka Emmanuella

    I dey tell you ooo

  70. Adediji Oluwatofunmi

    Chai…. my certificate is very useless. with this, I regret going to college. even people that did not go to college are earning more than people with PhD. Chai! life is unfair

  71. Michael Olakanle Mikel-Sticks

    It is well o, but on english football commentories, he is called Nigeria professional footballer, not biafra…… abi?

  72. Vic Jagaban Rozay

    He will pay atleast 40k in tax though. If he plays well consistently in 2 seasons he could be earning £200,000/weekly or threaten to leave and he will still be just 21 football age.

  73. Ibiwari Nicholas Osuigwe

    I rejoice with them

  74. Okolocha Shyshy Harrison

    We shall get there one day

  75. Luiekano Pembele

    Good luck with it.

  76. per week chai………..

  77. Wat a world

  78. Vic Jagaban Rozay

    Iheanacho, Jesus, Aguero, Sane, Sterling, DeBryune, Silva, Nolito, Nasri, Navas. These are just the attacking players Even Bony Bad right?

  79. Njide Okwara Osi

    Oh boy! See money. I go buy ball for my one year old son make he start early dey learn. Could you believe say this boy no Wan play ball. Jezzzzz

  80. i wonder y pple so much love money nowadays.i thought una say dt money is not everytin?

  81. The boy is good, you worth what you are given. I wish him more success.

  82. guy mature u de spit trash na football dem de talk here n not tribe so grow up man

  83. i remember playing soccer with iheancho at fedpolynek and ihiagwa owerri in those days. Uwa n’eme ntughari o,,i cnt even save 20k a yr

  84. Josephine Oluchi Ibekwe Uju

    Short your stupid mouth and get out of here.

  85. Youngdestiny FathersGold

    The truth must be spoken whether football or anything. We are tired of by force marriage ooooh Niger area

  86. Bigger boy na God win

  87. Bigger boy na God win

  88. Our God is good

  89. Nwoba Divine Joel

    eyes rolling ~~~,

  90. Oh my creator, 40 million what? Per week. The world is not fair to educated ones

  91. Kashim Onah Alfa

    May be he want to be an engineer

  92. Ustaz Kamil Khalifa

    Well done small boy danger

  93. Nwoba Divine Joel

    yes to support our local production

  94. Josephine Oluchi Ibekwe Uju

    One, if you play for six months it’s enough

  95. Victoria Kelechi

    Waooo! Just imagine! 42million Naira per week. Choi! This is 10 much.. Am happy for him mehn

  96. Joe Udin the thing self tire me… Every topic in this country of ours has been relegated to tribal difference. . Make una dey wait for Biafra o, don’t concentrate on changing your lives. Soon Jesus go come then una go carry flag go heaven!

  97. Agunbiade Bolaji Breeze

    These people need insecticides they are pests

  98. Tax Tax Tax!!!

  99. I never comment in this page, I am not a Nigeria therefore I like this page, because I like nigerians. But I want to ask nigerians why this so much hates between You people?? Too much tribalism.
    Should every news be about igbos yorobas and hausas??
    Foreigners talking bad about you people, many other countries hate nigerians given you many bad names.
    Beware of civilan war or aks sierra leone about it.
    My goodness this is very bad, they are talking about nigerian here not hausa or igbo or yoroba.U0001f621U0001f634U0001f629

  100. Victoria Kelechi

    Abeg guy look for his contact. Its important

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