Tuesday , 18 June 2019

Man Arrested And Denied Bail For Naming Pet Dog ‘Buhari’ In Ogun State

jail man

A 30-year-old trader has been arrested by the police in Ogun state for naming his pet dog ‘Buhari.’

The trader, Joe Fortemose Chinakwe, of No 10, Omikunle Street, Sango-Ota, Ogun State, was reportedly arrested last weekend, after one of his neighbours of Northern extraction complained bitterly that he named his dog after his father, Alhaji Buhari.

Vanguard learned that the complainant reported the case at Sango Police Station, last Saturday, after which the trader was arrested and detained.

However, it was gathered that efforts by the police to recover the dog, which they intended using as evidence failed following a clever move by the suspect.

The trader, said to be trading in female wears at a popular market in Sango, allegedly directed his friends secretly to kill the dog and possibly eat the meat in order to avoid being implicated. It was gathered that consistent appeals by his friends and relations for the police to grant him bail failed as the complainant and his kinsmen reportedly threatened to kill the trader if he was released on bail.

The case, however, took a different dimension two days later when Chinakwe’s relatives went to Sango police station to further plead for his bail only to be informed that the case file and the suspect have been transferred to Ogun State Police Command headquarters at Eleweran.

A relation to the suspect, who simply identified himself as Chiedozie, told Vanguard that his brother was being persecuted for no just cause and expressed fears that he may either be poisoned inside police cell or thrown into jail.

Chiedozie said: “Chinakwe is a lover of dogs and he names them after things that tickle him. He bought this dog a year ago and named it Buhari. Unfortunately, some Northerners, who dominate the vicinity where he resides misconstrued his intention and connived to take him up. The complainant then claimed it was derogatory because his father answers Buhari.”

Police sources, however, told Vanguard that the actions of the suspect “were very provocative.”

The source said: “he not only named the dog Buhari but boldly wrote it on the body of both sides of the dog and was seen parading the neighbourhood dominated by Northerners with it”

When contacted around 8pm yesterday, the acting Police spokesman in Ogun State, Abimbola Oyeyemi, ASP, said he was still trying to get the Divisional Police Officer in-charge of Sango for details.



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  1. Tosin Beatrice Emese

    Whatever u choose its ur choice .

  2. I guess you’ve not come across a dog that behaves like YOU!lol

  3. Laughing out my ass ,okada wait

  4. Una no go kill person for 9ja.so funny

  5. The cat in my house bear Buhari I ask my neighbour y the name Buhari , he said that the cat travel alot he has to name the little cat Buhari

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  7. My first dog was Cynthia, she gave birth and I gave the only girl Mary, everybody has right to give any name to his/her pet….

  8. So buhari is now meant for one person, which constitution talk that one

  9. Omodan AbdulLateef Blackson Jnr

    Sometime I begin 2 wonder d way some pple reasons..we are talking about Nigeria 4 goodness sake where crisis such as religious intolerance and other related regional crisis av been dominated..we need 2 always consider d environment we are living in b4 one will start jumping like a monkey or backing like a dog or else d end point may be HOT..why can’t we learn how 2 live in peace with each other..sincerely speaking d man is a nuisance 4 engraving d name all around d dog he really deserved 2 be purnish 4 breach of peace!

  10. Ibuchim Tony Orji

    I thought many people remember how they insult and abuse former president Jonathan but Nigeria police never arrested anyone.

  11. Lol.. maybe the dog too dey waka

  12. Lol.. dem don get you

  13. Funk Nigeria with there fake laws, I can name my dog any name I feel like. I wondered if all those idiot haven’t travel over seas and see there life style.

  14. Is buhari better than a dog? Animal in human skin.

  15. This to show that we have low minds and stark illiterate people in Nigeria…. Buhari is not even a befitting name

  16. That is a real definition of democracy

  17. Bishop Princewill

    Yoruba and Hausa,i no sabi the planet wey them for come sef.I no sure say na this earth.Them dey claim say na them know everything and them know nothing. Mumu people.

  18. Judith Emukai Eze

    Lolz. So we can’t give our dogs d names we like now. Nah wa ooo for this government. This isn’t democracy anymore

  19. Y not Stella?

  20. James Rolling Dollar

    How is that an offense here in Nigeria? Did he call the dog president Buhari or Mohamadu Buhari. When will this country grow up and stop the misuse of power

  21. what does buhari mean?

  22. What is the meaning of this?

  23. Alhaja Mega Series

    The man name d dog after his father’s name not president. Pls, read d story very well.

  24. Dogs are more sensible and intelligent than any person called buhari ..if president buhari is as intelligent as a dog Nigerian will not be in this situation that they are right now..naming dog buhari is an insult to the dogs family…

  25. That dog is better than buhari naa

  26. Tiina Keskisimonen

    That’s the most stupid reason for arrest that I have ever heard in my life!!!!!!! U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  27. Mogbolahan Awesu

    What dose tribe has to do with the issue on ground..foolish man…afterall the man they arrested for naming his dog buari is a Igbo man like u and the man they re protecting his name is a Hausa man..so what is Yoruba matter in this now?? Ewu!

  28. This man a fool. Did he forget there no freedom of speech in Nigeria. Did his dog told on him or what?

  29. Wat do u mean.. By.. Buhari!???

  30. Because the dog is a bad dog

  31. But wat am seeing is a tiger but not a dog

  32. infact rats goats n many mor were named after d previous president in d north but no body sed anytin

  33. So, instead of given my lovely pet dog strong names like Gadaffi, Rollings, Putin, Osama even Mugabe it now be a weak name like Buhari that my dog should bear as name, tufiakwa. Pet simply mean a domestic animal you really love. I can’t name my pet dog Buhari because I don’t even love the name.

  34. That dog never keeps his promises to the owner that is why he named it buhari

  35. Chant Blanq N Lakpofyon

    The next dog ‘ll be name mohammed hehehehe

  36. I will name my pig buhari

  37. A name that does not ring good bell in the ears of people should not be given to someone you hate let alone a pet dog .That name is synonymous with Judas Iscariot.

  38. Nze Awa Chinwendu

    abeg who respect don epp?

  39. Ugboguru Obiora Chijioke

    He has been released on the order of the police commissioner. In his defence,he claimed naming his dog after Buhari was borne out of his love and enthusiasm for Buhari’s charisma. But I say,what a twisted and intelligent idea?

  40. Uwalaka Jaymz Kaycee

    Where in the constitution was is stated that if a citizen choose to name his pet after a human name, he or she should be arrested,.. Why is this country so funny like this,.. The man chose to name his dog buhari how has that become a crime,..I’ve seen a dog named Goodluck before,..so what’s the big deal,..I can even decide to name my cat buhari or babangida, I don’t c that as a crime it’s a choice,..your president buhari is not the only one in the whole world who bears that name, he’s not God

  41. Nigeria have bigger problems as this, this man loves his dog and now he arrested, Mr.Buhari should spent some money on to feed the children and send them to school and others as this nonsense!

  42. that is becos illiteracy is in its highest order.

  43. Shut up ur mouth,wat do u no abt respect…aboki like u

  44. Dem b cows

  45. As leader, he should be ready for insults. Goodluck Jonathan was the most insulted president. Any leader who cannot take insults is not fit.

  46. D guy in question does not no his right that is y these is fallin upon him…

  47. Nigeria police are full of illiterates na

  48. Onya Igbo don’t have respect to their elders

  49. Chidinma Moses Eze

    Hahaahhahahahahahahahaha chai naija, well am reading comments.

  50. Ezinne Richie Uche Uwhubetine

    please pals i need you to like my INSTAGRAM photo on @hdfilmacademy to help me win the couple’s challenge…the tag on the pic is �#�zinnnnnx� …OUR OUTFIT IS A GREEN NATIVE N WHITE GELE..thanks

  51. A policeman did this for our former president.

  52. This is the policeman that did it.

  53. Shereephdeen Alabeeade Oyeleke II

    Its my own discretion it’s not a crime to give a dog a name but I think writing the name boldly on the dog may somehow seems provocative, derogatory & absurd. Don’t get me wrong, naming a dog is not a crime but naming it with an intention of sarcasm is, and if that’s the case, I think the man has transgressed beyond his bounds.

  54. @ Sugar Ken why cant you name your dog after your father or your mother you fool. We Muslim s dont chose our. names carelessly

  55. Buhari no be name ooh. Dem suppose hapi sef.

  56. Na lie u talk Oga.

  57. wat else cn we expect frm dis government?

  58. You have cats? Great! I have 6 cats

  59. Omodan AbdulLateef Blackson Jnr

    Pls Owan u need 2 learn 4rm lesson..4 d fact dat we av every right 2 do things in our own way u still need 2 consider ur immediate environment..can u as a sensible man allow somebody within ur vicinity named an animal after u?..dis is a civilized society 4 goodness sake..My brother always be ur brother’s keeper in love and harmony..o.k!

  60. A dog in my street is name suarez for christ sake watz up wid d country?…. And watz xo special abt d name of d president? After all he is not d first person to bear d name neither will he b d last…. Cnt wait to leave dis doomed ZOO PROUDLY #BIAFRAN

  61. Ainebyoona Gilbert

    What if he gave the name to his pig???

  62. Zimbabweans are suffering and smiling so Ntobi just face ur suffering country CNN opened ur country’s ass

  63. Very funny government.

  64. Wonder shall never end in dz country

  65. Good for him.

  66. Aboki Nzanwi Innocent

    Can’t any animal be named buhari again simply because buhari is the president? Did he add muhammadu to the buhari?

  67. Its not their fault

  68. He will rust in jail so that it will be lesson for remaining stupid people like him

  69. Suposse to name it Stella

  70. Don’t mind stupid of him Igbo people that always brings shame to country drug trafficking , arm robbery , ritual money , kidnapping and so on all about money from Igbo people shameless people

  71. I can also name my ram ilechukwu nothing bad in that

  72. I joined you named it ojukwu

  73. Yes you got it right instead of naming it ojukwu what a nice name

  74. My goat is ify obi because she too like sex she is prostitute goat that’s why I named it so

  75. Of course venec is RAM name in my street

  76. Charles is the name of donkey in my village

  77. Yes now my competition RAM is Collins before I killed it for naming last year , very pity I lastly killed Collins

  78. Mhiz Jennifer Ilechukwu

    A noun is a name of a person, animal, place or thing…if you like name your ram Ayuba that’s your own cup of tea #Shikina

  79. Victoria Kenny Idowu

    MAke dem free this man Abeg name na name :,D Lol

  80. People should confirm properly before commenting rubbish about Buhari…

  81. Haaa Jesus is lord

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  83. Before nko? No be dog buhari be? Mumu police man na u dey complain pass for dis hardship o. I go soon name d rat in my room Bihar and Aisha

  84. Before nko? No be dog buhari be? Mumu police man na u dey complain pass for dis hardship o. I go soon name d rat in my room Bihar and Aisha

  85. He is being taught to say that perhaps by his lawyer. He needs to face d music. Why can’t he name it Wike or Okorocha. The best way to respect ur president is to him after ur dog?

  86. He is being taught to say that perhaps by his lawyer. He needs to face d music. Why can’t he name it Wike or Okorocha. The best way to respect ur president is to him after ur dog?

  87. Stupid…he should spend 2years in jail

  88. Stupid…he should spend 2years in jail

  89. He has to rot in jail

  90. Hei these bloggers? Who was released on Tuesday morning at around 9:00am , but why these stupid headline again? The man even gave it’s own side of story that Buhari is his hero and he loves him that’s why, but I know that man never loved his parents and grandparents because that’s what the dog should have beard first

  91. Tribalism is one thing killing Nigeria’s image

  92. That man is a great man the world will now know about him,cungratlation

  93. Who informed Mr president?

  94. Iyanda MEmyselfandi Believeinurself

    I wonder ooo

  95. Bunmi Idowu Adekoya

    Just read yesterday they released him unconditionally… MEDIA pls be careful with what you feed the public.

  96. Nkechi Treasure Nnubia

    Pls as d man was arrested wot abt d dog???dey should arrest it also… nonsense pple dat doesn’t no a noun is a name of a person,animal, place or tin

  97. Clifford Asamany

    He’s sick he should be Executed

  98. But waitoo, when the man called the dog buhari the dog no dey answer??

  99. His conscious is just judging him to tink negative ova a name someone x-wai bears d pet dog.wen goodluck was in power,goats Nd chicks bears gudluck just for his good deeds Nd gud tinx comes from dem as well.xo I wonder y his own name will b a case.
    Maybe human beings r afraid to bear d name Nd d man decides naming his dog.hahahahaaahaha no b small tin oooo
    Una sorry oooo

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