Saturday , 24 August 2019

Married Couple In Their 90s Still Can’t Do Without One Another


Georgian couple, Tom Clark, 96, and his wife, Arnisteen Clark, 92, who have been married for 68 years have only been separated once since they got married: When Tom, an Army veteran was posted to the Korean war.

The couple currently both on admission in the Piedmont Fayette Hospital were not allowed to stay in the same room. The hospital policy prohibits orthopaedic patients from sharing private rooms.

Tom could not bear the thought of being away from his wife so the hospital worked a visiting schedule that allows him to stay with his wife for hours,

“My wife is the finest woman in the world, I just can’t be away from her,” Tom told the hospital team.

The hospital has since posted the picture of the aged couple and wished them a speedy recovery.

“Fayetteville residents Tom and Arnisteen Clark have been married for 68 years. The only time they have been apart during their marriage is when Tom, an Army veteran, was stationed in Korea.

“This made their stay in different rooms in the hospital very difficult for them, so Tina Mann, Manager, Orthopedics Medical-Surgical 4, with help from the clinical staff, went above and beyond to make a special arrangement for Tom, 96, to visit his wife, in her room.

“Overcome with joy, he wept as he described the deep love he has for Arnisteen, 92. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for the Clarks and many more happy years together,” the hospital wrote on Facebook.



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  1. Victor Kiemute Oweh

    GOD give me a woman to understand me n I should be are king

  2. Does this same love exists in our generation ? Is all about money ,height , class nd unnecessary stuffs .l

  3. God pls make my love life like this .

  4. How is it in nigeria?
    Even leaders like Obasanjo with 23 children and how many wives?
    Not different from their Dubious corrupt mentality

  5. Kudos to u too, celebration of love

  6. That’s how love suppose
    to be.

  7. UduDanker Da Sylva

    It’s so because they don’t watch Nigerian Movies, so their love is still intact

  8. I want this my lord

  9. Obeta DavidWilliams Spako

    Okoye Chinonyelum this would be us

  10. God please grant me this kind of adorable and everlasting union,amen.

  11. God please grant me this kind of adorable and everlasting union,amen.

  12. Chukwuemeka Richard Mmaduabuchi

    Please God help me , i need this kind love , no be person wey no ready.

  13. I want this love in my life oh Lord Jesus

  14. I want this love in my life oh Lord Jesus

  15. God this what I want all my life,bone of my bone

  16. Akanbi your hero, baby. 😀

  17. The lord will surport u both amen

  18. The lord will surport u both amen

  19. Azubuike Jude Jucel

    Receive it IJN

  20. Azubuike Jude Jucel

    Receive it IJN

  21. Farida Abdul-Rahman

    Dat is true love

  22. Farida Abdul-Rahman

    Dat is true love

  23. Bebi Iniyekiniye Precious

    Everyone keeps wanting and wanting but when they get one, they misbehave because they’re lusting after someone outside.abeg e

  24. Ina Issa-Kurdinat

    True love never end

  25. Precious Omoregie

    I celebrate ur grace, more love

  26. One love keep you together

  27. Adediji Oluwatofunmi

    Lol. I can be your hero or Akanbi your hero? Hehhehe

  28. Eseosa Sylvia Adun

    Hehehe…… Epah ur comment is always funny…tru though!

  29. Amenze Chuks Orumgbe

    Oh lord let my marriage take a new dimension I key into this marital happiness ijn

  30. I tape into this type of marriage in Jesus name amen

  31. Oke Martins Adebayo

    ehya.. who broke ur heart

  32. Bianca Madrida Sinsleis

    Holy Gim yes ou met konsa.

  33. Bebi Iniyekiniye Precious

    Na one yeye Yoruba boy o

  34. <3 that forever ever.. relationship goals

  35. Jesus pls give me this kind of blessing and marriage with long life .

  36. Augustina Igbokwe Chukwuemenam

    Pls hold am tight o

  37. Great! That shows true love.
    God bless them.

  38. Chiemeka Ralph Wesley

    God bless me with this type ooo..Real true love

  39. God bless them

  40. i wish them longlife.

  41. True dat! Love in the 90’s was soo real..

  42. Wow,i want to grow old with my man like that. That is beautiful!

  43. Britney Rodriguez i see myself with you U0001f491

  44. Feliz casal muito lindo

  45. Siyah Lorraine Mncube

    I nid this luv also God answer my prayers restore my soul don’t let me die

  46. God pls i want this type of love in my life and relationship

  47. Hermans K Matate

    Til death neh

  48. I want such love

  49. Ken Chidozie Ogbunude

    They’ve already had it

  50. Onyinyechi Ehimare

    King? Anyway keep searching

  51. Ken Chidozie Ogbunude

    Akanbi your orijinU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  52. As in eh! All the ladies (+ me o) want tall, dark and handsome. I wonder who the short and ugly men will get married to.

  53. # words #

  54. God Bless Them.

  55. I love these couple

  56. Richmond Horpeyemi

    This is wonderful,true love never hide omg,i love this story,big kudos to this couple

  57. Wonderful love for life

  58. in 9ja 90 goes for 16

  59. Bebi Iniyekiniye Precious

    Take do wetin?

  60. Happy new month to all my friends out there.

  61. Is my portion in Jesus name Amen

  62. as u dy vx na hahaha@tk do wyti

  63. unfortunately d short nd ugly men na cm dy marry d btifu ones pass##Dat’slife

  64. U said my mind

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