Sunday , 25 August 2019

Nigerian Drug Dealer Who Was Executed In Indonesia Laid To Rest In His Multi-Million Naira Mansion Amid Tears


Izuchukwu F. Ezimoha, one of the Nigerians executed in Indonesia for drug trafficking recently has been laid to rest.

He was laid to rest at his compound in Ezigbo village, Ihiala LGA of Anambra State on Thursday, August 18th. His outing service will hold tomorrow in his village.

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  1. May his soul rest in peace

  2. What shall it profits a man to gain the world ad loss his soul even this beautiful mansion vanity

  3. May he rest in peace

  4. All die na die strong man …. may your soul rest in peace soilder

  5. Lisa Whiny Whitney

    what a loss!

  6. If u like Rip notin concern me… U are a disgrace 2 Nigeria even in death… U av learnt ur lesson in hardway… All u suffer 4 is nw benefit of some idiots in ur family dat wil also abuse u… Anyway byebye.. God shud take care of ur wife and children…

  7. vanity upon vanity well rip

  8. SHARIAH LAW. mmm

  9. Chibuzor Maxwell

    Bro rest in peace you are a hero, better than those politician

  10. CeesayNgnaaMandingMori

    My Nigerian brothers and sisters. God says in the Quran and in the bible. Never talk ill about the deceased. All they need is prayers irrespective of the magnitute of the crime and sin they committed. Am not supporting selling drugs or any illegal pritice. God is the only one who forgive and punish. Every man is a sinner in one way or other. Lets solicits God’s guidance on the straight part and pray for the demised souls to have God’s mercy. I sincerely apologise if I wrong anyone in my comment.
    Your brother fron The Gambia.

  11. Ngozi Nancy Aluwuo

    May ur soul rest in peace amen

  12. Agah Nonso Justice

    RIP BRO…. #The_Spirit_Of_A_Hustler

  13. The death of this young promising guy in the hands of Malaysian government as a result of drugs allegation levelled againt him speaks of when the wicked and criminals on the set of power peoples perish and die like flies. Nigerian are dieing like an ants in the field,
    on celebrated and unheard of at far away places. Is unfortunate and heart broken he did not survive to tell his own side of some people claim to be holy and wisest man king solomon just becouse their own evil did which might even be worser than what the guy in question committed has not been exposed.

  14. if i hear all die nah die…….again and i quote what shall it profit a man to gain the whole earth and lose his life….Rip….but choosing a better way of living would have still kept you alive,

  15. bad economy or not….its all about choice

  16. Kolawole Okanlawon

    R I P

  17. we’re all born to die it doesn’t
    matter how it’s happened,Rip brother

  18. Torious Salif'u Haruna

    Let he with no sin cast the first stone!

  19. What shall it profit a man that he gains the whole world and lose his soul, R. I. P bro

  20. True comrades should retaliate. I see many of these good for nothing in Africa yet they are murdering our bros. They should leave or face the edge of the sword.

  21. Would they have murdered him if he was American.

  22. Emmanuel Nigeria

    what a waste!

  23. Rapist, robbery, street madness, ostentatious display of wealth and all erratic behaviours are tie to drug peddling.

  24. He alone is not enough to pay the price of the destruction he caused on earth. Drug peddling has many negative chain effects in the society my dear so condemn it outrightly.

  25. He alone is not enough to pay the price of the destruction he caused on earth. Drug peddling has many negative chain effects in the society my dear

  26. Rapist, robbery, street madness, ostentatious display of wealth and all erratic behaviours are tie to drug peddling. that’s why some of our leaders who take this drug go nut in their responsibilities. They become numb to the feeling of the society.

  27. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace

  28. R i p . d result of Nigeria bad gvnt .get rich or die try go guy deres heaven for d giss . by . tupac armani shakur . see u wen we get dere

  29. Idaewoh Oshobughie Peter

    He wanted to make money so quickly, yet he died like a mere chicken. To every young man out there, patience is a virtue nd the blessings of the Lord maketh rich and added no sorrow.

  30. Matthew Joshua Ebuka

    Chai! The way this guy just died amazes me…
    I read this post and asked what really lead to his death, He was just trying to survive na
    I also read, he has a mansion, who will he leave it for!

  31. Ikenna Emma Young

    Story ended…. without ceremonies….

  32. Paul Ekene Offorbuike

    Yes! He Died at last but his family can never be poor again if his wealth is well managed……
    NOTE- It Is Better For A man to die when hustleing than for him to just die of unessary BP…..
    R.I.P Bro….
    Though I Don’t have mind like you but i really envy you

  33. Don Papperazzi Zuby Iloh

    Rest on brother….. don’t judge him cos u don’t know his story#gbam

  34. Is it not better to die the way he died than most
    of you that will die untop of okada because of
    porverty or because of malnutrition.

  35. Friday Abogonye Lastborn

    Bro u re legend is not easy 2 survive ==rip

  36. Joyce Amarachi Mbatu

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  37. Ababanna Ababanna

    If you have mind, go do wetin him do, but if you no get mind, go Sidon one place.

  38. Prince Okey Igbokwe

    Wealth and riches of this world are meant for those that knows jah. U know one thing people; “the almighty jah is a brave one and even likes brave people like this young man. Rest in peace brother!

  39. Poverty is the trouble causer of all evil. This guy might have been knowing christ but situations push people into sin. I appeal to my fellow african that no one told us that if we are poor we shall be punished or no body told us that without money we die to sum it up all we need christ first. Rip

  40. drug dealers spoil our youth thanks the Indonesia authorities

  41. A lesson for all.

  42. Unfortunate, a young man that choose to kill himself by breaking the laws of another country. May God save us.

  43. Manfred Chimezie

    More respect Bro, if you hate him go and make money, RIP.

  44. Try to get rich or die while trying is our #culture

  45. Vanity up on vanity

  46. A wasted life

  47. David Matthew Eigege

    What a wasted life

  48. He who killed by sword die by the sword
    Go checked the destroyed kids in Asian as a result of Drugs
    You will found that no money sold in drugs can pay for that idiotic drug trafficking
    We need to stopped fast means to getting money
    Work hard
    Slow and steady wins the race to a peaceful and enjoyable life

  49. Abdullahi Salihu

    Whatever you do you die by it

  50. Afokoghene Peter

    It’s a pity. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul.

  51. Eniowo Israel Olasupo Olabode

    I wonder why license is issue to people dealing with drugs for the productions medicines and why are we looking at some pen rubbers that stole our money in pretence of politics ? Injustice in the world. Let us all accept Christ the Saviour, things of the world will remain in the world. Jesus Christ is the Lord.

  52. OyewoleKunleKenny

    So it is better to die by hanging, abi?

  53. Vanity upon vanity after all the damage to ppl life he will go n face Baba God may is soul rest in heel

  54. Riliwan Olawale Adebisi

    If was to be an American citizen.. American won’t have allow any of they’re people to die outside the country.. We are living in a word where life as no value to human beings.. Just saying

  55. El-Gaddaf Abdussalam Song

    This life is full of vanity, u accumulate wealth through unlawful means and at the end u die and leave everything behind.

  56. Daniel Nwachukwu

    can u do what he did?

  57. It is sad that happen to him. I’m not a Nigerian but to all my Nigerian brother and sister out there this should be a lesson learn. Because of few bad apples most good Nigerian find a hard time when travel; was traveling with some Nigerian and every time they will be pulled aside the check totally. This was all because of the few bad apples. I don’t think this guy needed a glory buried as this won’t teach the next generation that Hard work Pay the most; while the fast way out led one to an early grave.
    When u tell most people that u I a Nigerian they watch u very carefully. Nigerian need to stand up against these few bad apples to bring back the Good nature of the country.

  58. @ Chigozie, when did drug business become the result of Nigeria bad government.

  59. Omotayo Olatubosun

    Is unfortunate .God knows best

  60. Been Broke is less fun. RIP brother, is better to die rich than die poor because God on his own will ask you why.

  61. Indonesia made it clear that death is the punishment for drug trafficking, if you take drugs there, then you have decided what you wished for yourself

  62. Mujahid Bin Unshur

    Congratulations Indonesia for saving many lives from the heartless goons.

  63. Na wa o

  64. Liars where did they see his body When he was executed in Indonesia? See how he lost his life in a very disgraceful way , all because if money #vanity

  65. Mandy Mmapule Ramotlhale

    good riddance to bad rubbish..he deserved a slow painful deathfor all the lifes he’s ruined,all the famalies broken and all the young girls drugged and raped by people who got drugs from him.all the human traffickers dragging women and children,getting them addicted and selling the into slavery and prostitution..that’s his legacy pain and suffering..and here you are commanding him..but the again what do you all know about empathy and being’re just disgusting barbarians and savages

  66. Mandy Mmapule Ramotlhale

    this is live by the sword you die by the sword..i wish south africa will adopt the Indonesian drug laws and kill every last one of the drug dealers ruining this country.animals like him belong 8feet under just to be sure they dont soread their poison even in death.kill them all indonesia

  67. what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his own soul.. RIP

  68. Omotosho Olayiwola

    I just hope a day will not come where people classify armed robbery as a business.I fear for all those who think drug trafficking is hustling.

  69. at the end of the day its not worth it

  70. Have heard USA, Canada,Qatar, Luxemburg’s citizen being arrested for drugs trafficking?

  71. So if everybody accepts Christ the saviour drug dealing will end or Indonesia will start forgiving drug dealers and allow their people to be destroyed by drugs.

  72. Ojo Bamidele Funmilayo Ajibade

    Hnmmmmmmmmm, vanity upon vanity. R,I.P

  73. Ikechukwu Sultan Arueze

    get Rich or Die Trying. RIP Broda!

  74. Taralya McDonough

    Nigeria is way behind in history, and they aren’t catching up anytime soon. Other countries are trying to get rid of the War on Drugs. We want drug use treated like the health issue it is

  75. vernity upon vernity

  76. vernity upon vernity

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