Monday , 26 August 2019

Nigerian Drug Dealer Who Was Executed In Indonesia Laid To Rest In His Multi-Million Naira Mansion Amid Tears


Izuchukwu F. Ezimoha, one of the Nigerians executed in Indonesia for drug trafficking recently has been laid to rest.

He was laid to rest at his compound in Ezigbo village, Ihiala LGA of Anambra State on Thursday, August 18th. His outing service will hold tomorrow in his village.

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  1. This is what happens when you don’t have a strong government, am sure if he was an American citizen he will still be in jail , they know we killing each other and that our government would not say much about it

  2. Mallam Yakubu Adamu

    Drug abuse hurts the people who take drugs AND
    the people around them, including families , kids ,
    and babies who aren’t yet born.
    Drug abuse hurts the body and the brain ,
    sometimes forever

  3. May his soul RIP.

  4. Rest in peace

  5. Mumsy Oluwasindaraninuaiyemi Aderele

    Ile aiye, ile asan, he did’nt enjoy what he hussle for.

  6. RIP bro. your position is vacancy in Heaven. one thing must kill a Man, Killing is not among of God’s commandment so those fools that took your life. we soon die and execute in Hell.

  7. RIP bro. your position is vacancy in Heaven. one thing must kill a Man, Killing is not among of God’s commandment so those fools that took your life. we soon die and execute in Hell.

  8. May ur soul rest in peace

  9. May ur soul rest in peace

  10. What shall it profit a man if he gains the world and losses his soul??????

  11. Omar Al-Sheriff Sly Blunt

    Get Rich or Die Trying.

  12. I really feel pains ! Accept my sympathy.may his soul RIP

  13. Men do not despite a man if he steals to satisfy his soul .but if caught he will pay seven fold and all the substance of his house shall be taken away . something must kill a man RIP man .

  14. I weep for u brother .may ur soul rest in peace .AMEN

  15. Good for him.

  16. We know get President for now

  17. So painful RIP

  18. While it’s a really sad way to die… I hope it’s a lesson to all people who are into illegal activities… Especially Nigerians…. Nigerians should really behave in other peoples countries… In Singapore they are not even allowed in…. In Southern Africa they are not wanted because of a few Nigerians who mess lives up for other honest Nigerians who follow to these countries seeking honest living…. In South Africa Nigerians would be known for drugs… Kidnapping… Guns…. But why?
    And why is he buried at his house and not at the cemetery?. This is where problems begin…. Disorder in a nation….

  19. Nelson igomu WaleAdewoyin DeleolaDSamojo You have a point here Nelson.But let me ask you;who are the people celebrating this guy even in death?The society.You look at the coffin ,the pall bearer,the posters etc.Not to have fell victim is due to cheer grace of God,not because you are smart.The society contribute greater percentage to this guy’s death.It is high time the society get its act together.

  20. He is dead!!! Write R.I.P and keep ur opinions to your very self and make sure your children don’t end up like that, less i for get Observe your family too. U0001f603U0001f603U0001f603 I pray he rest in peace.

  21. Gabriel Nino Odimegwu

    A brave soldier who fought without shield.R.I.P WARRIOR.

  22. Olarinde Olukunle

    The death was and is still painful, but wait a minute; if the guy had waited for his time he would have made it genuinely with long life.
    Rely on God and commit your ways unto him.

  23. Aaron Kagbas Onyeka

    Lols…ego mbute.he shuld av bn in jail na

  24. if my blood destroys pple by selling drugs,let him/her die a painfull death

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  26. Igbo kwenu! RIP bros

  27. This is painful but who knows what this guy must have suffered that made him to develop the gut. Poverty is a disease. That is why some guys have sworn to get themselves out of it a all cost. Let’s not blame the guy more because he must have made himself a sacrificial lamb for his family to have a better life. Adieu brother. May your tiger soul rest in peace.

  28. Whatsoever may his gentle soul rest in peace amen.

  29. Isaac M Marechera

    Criminals will never receive my sympathy. Thank you Indonesia for cleaning our streets of such immoral thugs who are selfish and never think how other families go through because of their evil ways. I hope you never find inner peace wherever you are clown.

  30. Have some respect for the u dead only god can judge him and alcohol is also a drug that kills more people per year than combined all other drugs. If adults want to buy a drug and nobody force them he is no more guilty than shops that sell alcohol

  31. The love of money is the root of all evil which while some coveted after pierce themselves through with sorry

  32. ANTHONY NWAMARA , may God bless you for saying the truth. DeleolaDSamojo , the young drug peddler is to be blame for his death…..the law is the law, if he had respected their law no harm would have come to him.WaleAdewoyin , negative perception created by the society and extreme poverty is not an excuse for a wise man to engage in illegal trade. The truth of matter is that there is really no short cut to success but if you choose that fast highway to success be ready to bear the consequence.

  33. Airmecca Madubuike

    Rest In Peace? The Guy was executed for a crime for crying out loud!

  34. Now there is money but No life. Poverty is better than dying early and young. No one lives poor forver. We must thank God for every breath we had because we can’t pay that bills should incase that breathing bills comes from our governments.

  35. Noting in this world dat is permanent.material things va ity upon vanity.

  36. Please you people should stop judging him , because u are person are not perfect, R I P bro

  37. Now he is laid to rest.

  38. Ngozi Eboru-Uwadiale

    What’s that movie “died wretched buried in ……” Can’t believe he was honored. Died hustling my foot- For selling drugs and destroying many lives and ground never reject am? I hope you accepted Christ before your last breath cos that’s the only way to redemption!

  39. Well most asian country will punish them by different method (i mean the way they kill them). No mercy for drug dealer. My advise dont do it in SEA region U0001f629

  40. Charicuma Igwegbe

    after death, judgement, hop he has d opportunity to accept Jesus and confess his sins b4 death

  41. Let’s not condemn him cos something most ve pushed him into such biz,either poverty or something else. Am proud of him cos he invested his money,not those guys that ll go there n come bk n misused there money via club n ashawo house. Nw that am hustling doing all sorts of wrk(Bricklaying etc…)to make sure that i will b a graduate cos my parents don’t have d money and I ll finish school and search for wrk I didn’t see,And u preach to me not to join drug biz.or G. hmmm na ur matter u d talk. RIP my bro,u re a hero,go well joor

  42. Vanity upon vanity, let me hit it big nd see d outcome, what a pity

  43. Did they forget to paint the mansion?

  44. Africa is the best place for the business may his soul rest in peace

  45. The only thing we depart this world with is the love we garner, receive and give while alive. So do your best to share as much of L O V E. That is the fabric of God.

  46. Everything is vanity expect the life you living and the air you breath in….

  47. Rip. A lesson to all.

  48. That is the spirit, something must kill a man, GET RICH OR DIE TRYING, R.I.P BRO

  49. RIP Brother life goes on.

  50. Bro you are a great hustler, and those of you commenting nonsenses here, a child in his mother’s back, doesnt know that walking isn’t easy, who no go, no know , RIP bro

  51. Akinmo Adeshakin

    Vanity upon vanity all is vanity. I wish he fully gave his to Christ before he was killed. Those he left behind in d family should learn from his ordeal and not to begin to fight over vanity. I Pray d lord forgive him and accept his soul.

  52. good for him he gets what he deserved well to me the guy is a hero becos he got the mind to do what others wil chicken out r.i.p bro

  53. Get rich or die trying. He was rich and still trying . You can now rest.

  54. May GOD have mercy

  55. The picture in poster should have been the one where he was being executed for Nigerians like him to have sober reflections.

  56. Hope he doesn’t find peace even in hell.

  57. You Hail Him For What? I don’t Expect This From you Christy

  58. Shame! hailing a drug dealers who has made many insane and killed many from his illicit business, we are here celebrating a murderer executed for his crime, that is why we always celebrate Criminals and die in Nigeria

  59. What of the untold lives destroyed by drugs?
    Families broken, drug related crimes, sufferring children??

  60. Moukhtar Mohammad Anuhi

    With shame to the grave.

  61. Rest in peace brother there have mouth so let’ them run it, dnt talk bad abt people bcus no one is perfect

  62. Abass Alex Ishola

    R i p

  63. what i dont understand is that ,these people living in thiese countries knows the outcome of it that when they are caught its death,and they still stay in these countries doing that.The painful is that,like this boy with the house he has built and the money he has why not stop and come back nigeria and start something new.May he R.I.P

  64. Amanda Kavi Lopez

    Bro, where ever u are may ur soul rest in peace n God be with u. Indeed u are a great hero.

  65. Favor Prince Ohalem

    Yeah.. I see some people talking and judging this guy.. but most of you in naija will have the liver to ask your friend overseas for money thinking it’s easy to make… keep on blabbing… just pray you don’t travel out for hustling… good luck.. RIP IZU

  66. Vanity upon, all is vanity

  67. Phextos Kelvin Ekene

    Y is it dat governments want to sell dis drugs only by themselves?

  68. Emmanuel Abiakwu

    Anyone who does not condemn ill gotten wealth is even worse than the devil. How can someone reason that this dude had more courage than those who don’t peddle drugs? How can someone also try to justify this man’s illicit actions and business by stating that all forms of sin are sin? Well like you said, all forms of sin are sin. Should we then celebrate sinners? Even the bible said it that “the wages of sin are death”. I guess he couldn’t bear shame of poverty anymore, that was probably the reason he signed his death warrant. Much as it is true that every body will eventually die, i belive in his death, he has been made a public spectacle of shame. Even his wealth would be enjoyed by people who never faced the dangers he passed through while making that money. Why then did he venture into it, now that “vanity upon vanity, all has become vanity for him”?

  69. Igwe Akunaesiobike Eboechina

    Rest in peace you tried and fail

  70. I can’t blame him because we are living country with tyrant leaders,they are frustrating people to do illegal business.RIP to departed soul

  71. May his soul rest in peace

  72. Iwuchukwu Chijioke

    Amen so sad

  73. Ilara Joseph Tunde

    This family has no shame. I am sure the family will say the wicked have done their worst .Father and mother continue to enjoy burying your son. That is what you deserve since you want your son to be rich at all costs.

  74. Kester Okoro Noble

    RIP Bro! Ife a n’aru adigi ofele.

  75. Indonesia deliberately did this to Nigeria and not to the young man. They can’t try this to an American. But you know what, the zoo will feel reluctant and will show tribalism on this. But my wish to Indonesia is more natural disasters that will take millions of them as they normally have. And to you all who George him what right have you to George? Real men die for something than for nothing. He is an army on his own. He did not fight for his country he fight for himself. Get the wealth for himself he is far better than some army who die fighting for the country yet the country did not recognize them. No man is above crime. Am sure the man know what he was into that is nwoke na ife just like mr flavor has sang.

  76. Rest in peace

  77. Stella Eziafakego Obieke

    Vanity of wealth desires, all is vanity. RIP

  78. Wickedness to the last

  79. Hakeem Shola Rouph

    Indigbo they no dey carry last

  80. Kingsley Mairo Ekeke

    If you think money is the root of all evil try being broke.

  81. Kingsley Mairo Ekeke

    If you think money is the root of all evil try being broke.

  82. At least he had a heaven on earth
    what are u having hater?

  83. At least he had a heaven on earth
    what are u having hater?

  84. I know that there are shortcuts that cuts one’s life short….. But you don’t go ahead accusing the dead…. He might be innocent of the crime he was executed for…. Even if he is not innocent…. I respect him still.. the hustle was real…. I know there are so many reasons behind one’s hustle …but don’t let the reason affects your reasoning….. To those drug dealers who are still alive please let your senses work…. You know that a country’s penalty for such crime is death and you will still go there to deal drugs why not go to another place where you can easily sell it without being killed if caught instead you serve some years in jail (common sense)…. Cos there are many ways to kill a cat mehn….. My heart bleeds though I just can’t imagine how he felt when he faced the fire squad……. RIP man I respect your hustle…… Am a Nigerian and I just want to make the ghetto sense

  85. Cecil John Rhodes


  86. Cecil John Rhodes


  87. No rest in peace for u uche,May ur hell fire continue to burn big.let ur family remain n enjoy as u face ur actions.everlasting idiot.

  88. Lorato Sheila Code

    Drug domain ! What shall it profit a man!?

  89. We should not blame him. Bible says that all have sinned and got short of the glory of God my brothers and sisters judge him less for we are not God. That road that road that he was passing and got caught many people are passing there today even before him ,so it’s definitely that one thing must surely kill a man, so he has met his own, rip

  90. Nigerian national are drugs trafficking

  91. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world, and loose his soul in heaven. Vanity, upon vanity, all is vanity.

  92. Don’t sell drugs

  93. Rip nna we must make money at all cost
    May God allow u to rest in his bossom

  94. Vanity upon vanity,all is vanity. R.I.P

  95. May his soul rest in PEACE AMEN.

  96. hope he gave his life to Christ if not Lucifer awaits him

  97. My question is that who will enjoy all this wealth left behind.
    Does it profit a man to loose his soul trying to gain the whole world?

  98. He was only 35 years, waaaaa so sad to die that way, but you should see what those drugs do to our children, the tears of family affected leads to this kind of answering from God, anyway rip bro

  99. Micheal Olus Ogedengbe

    R I P

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