Thursday , 19 April 2018

The Richest Man In All History Is An African, Meet Mansa Musa (Must See)

Am sure you know of Bill gates, the current richest man alive, who at height of his power was able to reach $100 billion networth. You may also know of John D. Rockefeller, the richest man in living memory with an estimated wealth around $250 billion. Both these men are from United states.

But what you may not know is the Richest of them all. And most surprising, he is an African, by the name of MANSA MUSA.

African King Musa Keita I is thought to be the richest person of all time — “richer than anyone could describe,” reports Time. His wealth was incomprehensible….

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  1. King David was a white man, and he was also prophet ,but mansa musa was African, the white can and carry all ours gold, from Mali empire

  2. I don’t believe me ago Richie past them in jesus name I pray

  3. Aaah so y this mansa nt on the list?

  4. Uche nnadiekwe

    But were just hearing of this for the first time.why has Forbes magazines not carried it

    • You hear this for d first time u must be joking or u don’t believe because he’s African. My friend we were first in everything believe it o not. Thanks

  5. pls note
    mansa musa is not d richest man of all time, he is no 6th richest man of all time,i use to think musa was bfo until i discover he was not
    four among d richest of all time r still from d bible days
    no 1 is king solomon
    2 is Abraham
    3 is king david father of solomon
    4 is Noah
    in solomons days gold was like dust in d street, meaning if u r in need of it u can get what ever quantity u want even frm d street,
    dont forget that when ur money is now too much that u cant count its converted to gold
    in our recent time, these civilise age its on record not up to 50 years back acheologist discover one of solomon store room full of gold in isreal n d worth of d gold was 800 billion us dollars
    mansa musa is worth 400b us dollars

    d 5th richest man is in d civilise age but hav forgoten d name i wud ch it later, hes an american he use to pay 90% as tithe instead of 10%
    n till date america is still paying 1m dollars every month for taking over their fathers fotune after his demise

  6. A dead man can’t be the richest man for the living, maybe he was but not anymore

  7. I Do Not Regard A Ruler As A World Richest, B He Dead Or Alive, D Richest Man Must B 1 Who Has Gone Thru D Struggles Of Live, Invested Tym, Sweat N His Blood 2 Produce Wht D World Would 4 Eva Pay Homage 2.

  8. wow he is too rich, richest than anyone in Africa

  9. Yes, Mansa Musa or Mansa Kanka Musa built the first world University in Africa,called University of Timbukutum

  10. Ouk that ix good luck

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