Monday , 25 June 2018

‘Billionaire Kidnapper Evans’ Wife Drives Latest 2017 Lexus’ – OAP Daddy Freeze’s Source

According to CoolFM OAP, daddy Freeze a friend of his have revealed that billionaire kidnapper, Evans’ wife, Uche who ‘could not speak proper English’ drove the latest 2016/2017 Lexus and his kids go to the same school as his.

Freeze took to his Instagram to post the above photo and wrote;

“I just found out today, from a friend of mine who lives 2 houses away from Evans, that Evans kids allegedly go to the same school as my kids? 😳

Can you imagine????😳😳😳😳

According to my friend, the latest 2016/2017 Lexus, like the one pictured above, is what he had allegedly seen the wife drive several times.

He said that his own wife used to wonder how a woman who couldn’t speak english could drive such an expensive car. He assumed that he was a successful igbo trader.

Join me for a live Instagram video in15 minutes as we discuss this.”



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  1. Do you now want to tell me its only english speaking women should be driving big cars?

    • Dont mind the person who made that comment. Are cars meant for only people who can speak English? Think b4 u post.

    • That is not what the writer meant….

      To be that successful and living large the standard of self development should especially when it comes to common English should be settled . Not awkward

  2. I beg some one should give me space to collect fainting. chai nest time u will think well before u post

  3. wat a world main God save us 4rm d evil humans. he nd his entire famil hav no peace d blood of d innocent disturd dem

  4. Wow…

    I Will Be Anti-kidnapping Ambassador, If Forgiven by Nigerians…. Says “Evans the billionaire kidnapper”

    • Na now you wan be anti kidnapping ambassador…oloshi. thunder fire your head.You were supposed to channel your God given talents into something creative…yet you choose to unleashed sorrows and pains on your people……rot in jail Evans…

  5. You can see through most people’s comments here that they can’t speak or write good English. Doesn’t mean they are not happy with their lives. Even the Evans no sabi speak good English but could evade police for a long time and lived in posh apartments and drives luxurious cars. Money is my English.

  6. Who English epp? Ask Efe.. Lolz

  7. Good question

  8. I agree wt everybodys comments bt think we ar digressing from d issue on ground. Believe most of us kno daddy freeze as one of d renowned presenter in d media setting. The tone used in passing d info may be wrong dat doesn’t mean he’s nt making a point. Some f us are even saying he concocted d story out f jelousy (his family can speak gud english bt cudnt afford such luxury cars).
    Come to tink of it, to my fellow Yorubas, have we neva tot in dat direction b4, wen we c a stark illiterate or someone who may b technically sound bt just cudnt speak grammar living such a luxury life and we say “owo o mo agô”. Pls we nid to comment on d info n nt attacking d info source.

    • Thank you Ianas, if you look critically at freeze’s narrative, it was filled with vile for inability to speak ‘whatever english’ he or his friend expected. I have never contributed on evans’ tete a tete before now neither am i interested in tackling anybody’s view at least it is their view. What God hates is the proud: God resents the proud: says the bible. Freeze was being condescending and that is the main reason why some people go into crime to buffer for their inadequacies. I am sure if evans had called freeze for his kids birthday party and paid him in dollars, he would have collected it and brag about being paid in dollars for appearance fee. Evans is paying and will still pay for his crime but it doesn’t justify extolling higher than thou mentality afterall all money, tongue, skin freshness, education etc would perish one day. Brainy submission by you Ianas, you should be an OAP.

      • This guy called ifedayo olarinde (freeze), is simply venting his frustrations for nothing. If Evans wife drives the 2017 version of Lexus jeep, what’s his damn biz about that. Which one does freeze drive

  9. Rubbish all nigerian are thief na who dem catch we see what of all d politicians what can u say about dem when dem.catch dem.d case will die down i beg free d guy focus on ur own destiny

  10. Pointless topic. Na English em dey use buy ride? Rubish talk.

  11. Bcos Evans is cut all of una get mouth they talk rubbish.if una see dat opportunity una go do more than him.

  12. Oriowo Olayiwola

    We all know that this Mans source of income is very bad, and we are not supporting him, but my concern is, many of rich people u are seeing out rhere, do we know their source of money?

  13. Oriowo Olayiwola

    We all know that this Mans source of income is very bad, and we are not supporting him, but my concern is, many of the rich people you are seeing out rhere, do we know their source of money?

  14. You see a rich man out there and you dey ask God in prayer for the same type of wealth, do you know the source? Not all that glitters is gold.

  15. What has English have to do with success ok take your big big grammar to a car shop maybe it will get you one

  16. To hell with English, in the first place do white man even recognize ur English no matter how perfectly you can speak it,we love how you expose this evil man’s wife story but you also spoiled it with English part…Don’t fool yourself, value your language!

  17. Our president is an illitrate and cannot speak good english, but he is still our president..

  18. Can u imagine u re accumulating wealth by causing sorrow to other ppl,ur wife is driving an expensive car through dubious ways,DAT is wickedness,u re living large with peoples pain nd sweat,ur children re going to expensive school while u re causing other peoples children to suffer.NAWA Oooo.Let d law take its cause

  19. Can Lionel Messi speak English or delima Ronaldo ….. Rubbish

  20. Bukola saraki should also be prosecuted, he is also far more dangerous than. Evans!

  21. Let us stop being hypocritical, anyone who see an illiterate in such affluence will think the same thought. period! who english eep? me!!!!

  22. my dear plz think all the Hausa politicians that are ruling u can they speak English. plz don’t deceive your self with ur English u are an English beggar go and meetings none English man to help u and ur and ur family plz stop boasting with ur stupid English.

  23. English or no English money is money,I speak good English but for pass one years now I go all raid begging for food eat

  24. Nonsense question

  25. As for Evans what u did was evil but is God that has the final say in your life and as for the wife English…. Its just a mere jealousy, she mustn’t speak good English before riding a car.

  26. Pls free evens and colet or d
    Propaty that. and .d money

  27. People cave very funny. See the way they are twisting this story. It is well oo. It’s a natural thought that will cross everybody’s mind whenever one sees an illiterate living in such richness especially if you are learned. Let’s not castigate what this man has said please. Some are even saying some people are worse than him….are you saying he shouldn’t be prosecuted? Mehn! Nigerians can be biased. Evans should just be hanged in the public. It’ll be a big lesson to those still in the business. Please start posting your comments on this too. Am waiting.

  28. People can be very funny(first line)

    • furck off u and english, who is talking about english here. they should free this man. is this man gangrenous than them, they should let him go

  29. i pray that God will not allow Nigeria to free him he will face the law of land and that the police should also find a way to arrest the wife too

  30. My anger with this man is even wen he have all this he still go on with this dety business,he cannot luk up because of he children,now look at the lnosent children.may God help him.

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