Wednesday , 21 August 2019

Photos: They Are Now Making Realistic Sex Dolls That Look Like Children

Karolyn Welford said: “If a doll is keeping you from having sex with a child, please just go get a gun and one bullet load aim at your face and pull it.”

Shauna Rossiter said: “Paedophiles already have 2 options and that”s enough.

“They either completely suppress their desire and never look at another child again – and if they can”t manage that then they should kill themselves.

“Child Sex dolls I”ve never heard of something more repulsive in my life.”

Ann Marie Stapp said these dolls would only desensitise paedophiles and dehumanise their victims so they thought it was normal to act on their urges.

She said: “They are still being socialised and sexualised towards images of children and being encouraged to act out.”

Melissa Hayes added: “People who are like that don”t need dolls, they need counselling and to be closely monitored, finding an innocent child attractive in a sexual way is a clear sign that your brain isn”t working.”

However other Mirror readers have suggested these dolls could help paedophiles in a world in which stigma makes finding help to repress their urges very difficult.

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  1. I want i cute girl so i can get all of my sexual feelins out

    • God can be the only one who can help you. If you give your life to Jesus he can free you from this demonic pedophile tendency.

  2. This is a good thing … it’s a million times better then a pedophile going after a Child… I wonder … if it was between your child having sex with a pedophile or a pedophile having sex with a doll which one you’d have less of a problem with… it’s rhetorical you’d choose the doll like any rational person would.. you take the object that’s keeping the pedophile from screwing your kids and you think this a good thing? That’s a fucked up way of thinking … let the pedophile have his toy… it maybe disgusting to you but the way I see it is it’s the lesser of two evils

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