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“My Father Cannot Say That I Didn’t Take Care Of Him, I Gave Him N3M And Bought Him 2 Vehicles” – Billionaire Kidnapper Evans

Following reports that Evans father, Mr. Stephen Onwuamadike was living in poverty in the village while his Billionaire kidnapper son was living an extravagant lifestyle, Evans has revealed that he took good care of him by buying him two vehicles and also gave him th sum of N3 million, which he said his father used to start fish farming and his pig rearing business
Evan who led police operatives to two houses in Ejigbo and Igando areas of Lagos state where he kept some of his victims for months, made the disclosure during a chat with Vanguard.
‘My father cannot say that I didn’t take care of him and my other siblings. I took good care of my father even when he didn’t take care of me. My father lived a very wayward life as a person.
’He stopped paying my school fees which made drop out of school. He went on to marry a second wife.   As if that wasn’t enough, my father took a third wife and he married her as a 70-year-old man.
‘’I was not happy with my father, that was why I don’t go close to him but I made sure I provided all his needs. I bought him a car and a bus. They are in our compound and I also gave him N3 million which he used for his pig and fish farming business.
According to him,  he used to help his family members a lot including children of his father’s other wives, stating that his father lived a wayward life that made him divorce his mother.
He continued‘’I know I have done terrible things but I want to be forgiven.  I also want to advise other criminals to turn a new leaf. The Nigeria Police is not what it used to be. They are far more advanced than they were. If they could arrest me, there is no criminal they can’t arrest, “he stated.
He also revealed that the Igando hideout, located at Green Street, was where he kept five persons including  Chief James Uduji and Francis Umeh at the Igando den. He stated that he vacated the den when people started suspecting his activities in the area.
He further disclosed that he rented the apartment in 2014 stating that he kept Francis Umeh for five months in that apartment before he moved to the other house in Ejigbo.



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  1. All of you saying forgive Evans are either thief or you are planning to become one. Do you know how many blood he has spilled when him and his gang attacked bullion van? Do you know how innocent blood were wasted during the course of kidnapping? Do you know how victims families were running helter skelter just to meet up with millions of dollars Evans was requesting? Do you know the psychological trauma the victims will be going through now, Do you know how huge amount requested by Evans crippled the victim businesses, what is the essence of guns recovered from Evans stands for if not for spilling blood, do you know how many atrocities he is yet to mention? If what he was doing was right, why did he moved his family from the shore of Nigeria? And you want the hardened criminal like him to be freed? Now those of you that want Evans to be freed, here is my prayer for you, MAY YOU ALL WITNESS KIDNAPPING IN YOUR FAMILY BEFORE THE END OF THIS YEAR, MAY YOU ALL WITNESS ARMED ROBBERY BEFORE THE END OF THIS MONTH, MAY ALL YOUR FORTUNE BE STUMBLE UPON BY KIDNAPPERS, Can I hear a louder Amen idiots.

    • Hahahaha, plsss i dnt wnt to laugh anymore, hw do u expect them to say amen. Am jst passing shall

    • Hahahahaha,i laugh at u ooo cuz u are not God u are human like Evans,u don’t even knw how ur future will look like,do u think God will answer dat stupid prayer of yours. It can be ur potion…our God is a merciful God der is no sin he can not forgive,he sees every thing dats happening and b4 it happened cuz Der’s reason n purpose for every thing,.he always everything to happen for a reason wic u don’t knw my dear,forgive dat ur sins shall be forgiven. No body support wat Evan did.its a matter of mind set,how,he has committed atrocities #yesweknow#but it’s not on us to take life nor judge…it’s for God alone

      • You are right my dear

      • Well said

      • If u have been kidnapped before or any of ur family has been kidnapped before,u will say that prayer is a good prayer,wot is nigeria turning to?evans should b forgiven?u are an idiot really

      • I luv dat

      • if all that Evans illegically acquired in life should be sold and use to settle all his victims Then what stops those that acquire their wealth through corruption and stolen of government monies to do same. For there is no difference between Evans and our corrupt leaders. Evans may kill directly but all corrupt leaders kill indirectly. Ask families to those pensioners that have lost their lives or many they have killed as a result of unmerciful acts of all our corrupt leaders. God will surely make them to regret very soon.

      • evil generation

    • Honestly I think dose asking for his freedom have been paid,because I don’t understand it too he should be dead already

    • Nonsense emotion. They must experience the trauma those victims went through. I knew a friend that was killed by kidnappers after collecting ransom.

    • I agree with u. They want a fare judgement for a hardened criminal ? No way!! He must be punished. Those who wanted him to be forgiven must be a beneficiary from him.

      • What if it’s your brother or your relation what will you say about him, and can you tell me that you’re 100% clean with no sin or crime, what about the so called politicians that keep the country in bad condition, no one kill them rather the so called police protect them.. remember that the Bible say whoever there’s sin there’s also forgives and don’t use the look of today judge tomorrow!

    • hahahahaha sounds funny but didn’t got to dt xtence

    • And you think God answers such kind of prayer of yours. Now you are casting aspersions and shouting crucify him, crucify him. Do you think you are justified before God. Evans is not justified as well, but not of him that willeth nor of him that is justified but of God that showeth mercy. Am of the opinion that may be find mercy in the sight of God and of men.

      • Whatever a man soweth he shall reap

      • Abeg go and sleep. If you ever experience s minor robbery, by now you would have wished the bastard was killed. Lives lost. Businesses crumbled. Omg!!! Who is preaching here? He had the chance to live well but chose this path, I pronounce the adequate punishment for him.. Death

    • Mr. Man, God’s creation is secrad if you must know. Each an every one of us is a sinner, not only sinners but theif. They shouldn’t kill him, rather send him to prison .infact the government do treat those criminals that called themselves governors and senators. That’s my humble suggestion.

      • My dear, pray u don’t witness such. If you have ever been robbed or kidnap u will be the first to shoot Evans to death if you have a gun. Who nor go nor know. I used to pity criminals like this in the past, but when i was robbed of my valuables worth a million , locked in my car booth for many hours to suffocate to death. I was lucky to be alive today. Ever since if i see small thief or any politicians that steals , I’m ready to magga them

      • Gordon Christian

        I av been robbed at gun point b4 but i still pray the courts tamper justice with mercy. Afterall politicians are the greatest robbers we have here in this country…… They rob d poor masses in broad day light and with impunity too and wen dey get caught, they are set free as long as dey return the ill-gotten sums to the govt. If Evans was into politics, some politicians would have adopted him as their godfather and financier and when they get elected or rigged into power as the case maybe, Evans would have been on their payroll, given juicy contracts as compensation and consulted before any decision is taken. If a half-baked politician could amass unbelievable wealth in less than no time who says the Evans we are breeding will go underground? I tell you over 90% of Nigeria’s unemeployed graduates can be found in beer parlours….. They either own the place or are the ones consuming the beer, drinking out of frustration as a result of joblessness whilst the so-called politicians are busy ammassing ill-gotten wealth for themselves. And trust me, this is where they get to meet criminal-minded people and begin to hatch plans of how to get out of their current state of poverty and joblessness. The govt is the cause of kidnapping and militancy we hear of today. Get the youths off the streets and stop rejoicing over the capture and possible death of one Evans when the so-called politicians are breeding so many other Evans. The current state of unemployment especially as it relates to d youths and graduates alike is alarming. Some even go as far as futhering their education abroad with the hope of increasing their chances of acquiring a job when they come back but still nothing. Evans is a man that sees and understands the value of education. Despite being denied quality education or academic scholarship by both the govt and his dad, he has decided to giv his kids the very best education at all cost even though he has been able to achieve this the wrong way. This is what happens when the youths have been neglected by the govt. I c no reason why this young man should not be forgiven…. He shld be made to serve some years in prison to serve as a deterrent to others and den released afterwards. His brilliance and intelligence shld be tapped and used to foil other potential robbery operations and gangs. I pray for his family especially d little kids. I also pray and urge every unemployed graduate like myself to desist from the illusional perception of crime as a means of survival. All is Well!

    • AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! God bless u for that prayer. Stupid fellows preaching mercy bcos they have never been there

    • U re right dear its only a family that have not witnessed kidnapping will open mouth a talk rubbish in d name of free he will face the law simple

    • But if u can say dis it obvious u can never see Gods forgiveness God says in the bible that whosever confess his sin and ask for forgiveness his there to forgive him look at it in their other way round the day they lail God on the cross there are two thifes and one said please remember me in your kingdom and what was God responce? If you are truely a christian then answare it all, if Evan should confess his sins and pray for forgiveness truely let me tell you and write today’s date down if Christ should come today Evan we go with Christ and you that are there saying rubish shall perish if u cannot pray for his repentance then please quite and let God do what pleases him

    • Fuck you by saying that shit

    • You are just a fool for saying this kind of prayer …for you to have this kind of unforgiving heart you are no better than Evans …ewu

    • Cynthia Emenalom


    • Thk u brotherly .i think say na only me dey see dis matter as u see am. Oya make una answer amen if na better tin, I think una dey compare am with corrupt politicians… Because u don’t know what Corruption and kidnapping means.

    • chimezie nwanedo

      My brother you are right may God bless you he needs to face his punishment because he started it and he must finish it I have seen alot of people who there parents didn’t help but the are now in millions thunder fire him

    • Follow you because you have no sense of reasoning aboki like you. Am happy he kidnap the rich not the poor. Our federal government should ask the so called rich people were they gut the money for the ransum for there realise

    • No one will utter ameen. Lol

    • U Hv spoken well my brother

  2. Lol go and tell that to the government it left for God alone to forgive him but it is the duty of the government to Send him to God.

  3. Evan a billionaire like u gave UR father three millionaire and said u taken care of UR father. U father married three wives. and UR married four
    There is something wrong in UR family go and correct it first

  4. Hmmmm I am just passing o I dd not hear anything o

  5. Breakthrough lord
    We need your intervention
    Also have mercy

  6. Forgiveness sounds unreasoning unless you realise how Jesus Christ sacrificed His life on the Cross to have our sins forgiven..

  7. I have really gone through this guy Evans story phycologically ,this guy is not a bad person! He is just one of wrong brought up child from a bad back ground! Before I hated him sooo much but after going through must of confessions ,I realize he is a MAN! With a child brain ,imagine all all his confession s including his wife, father and so on,if this guy was evil he would have hide his family mostly his wife! But No! He tell d world nothing but d truth! Pls everybody deserve a second chance

  8. If u kill this man now,what will Nigeria will do for our politician that thief our money with biro…moreover this man is dealing with top top people not talikalize,…..i beg leave the man…he would repent. Federal government should use this man as a tool because of his intelligence.

  9. omo una jt dy there dy talk una ow any people don die 4 dis mata d family of dose wen dem kill ow u wan make dem do d wife kids of doe policemen wen dem ma pray make dis guy go jail make go see ow life b there make he wife feel weytin d wife’s of does policemen feel

  10. I want I G of police to personally take the interrogation of Evans My reason is simple from what he has said so far some of the police officers were involved Who are the police officers that came to his detection house to collect money The man that was kidnapped said he heard siren every time when he was being kept Also the police said they have been looking for him almost 6 years
    but Evans was arraigned one year ago together with his wife but he bribed his way out Who are the officers involved? Pls we need answers to all these for you to get to the root this matter

  11. I do not support that the man should be free but I want the government to pardon his wife for the sake of the children If we do not want the children to be criminals allow the woman to take care of them Also his mother must also be arrested and give her the same punishment with Evans

    • Evans did not married four wives oooo pls stop carrying fake news abt. He tried to give his father #3 million even wen he refuse to bring him up well as a father.

  12. Hmmmmmmmmm Avans just want to lmplicate of his whole family . no love in his hrt imagine calling even his parents in crime. Hisssssss. Anyway he should be forgiven cha

  13. How Billionaire Criminal Mastermind, Evans Milked Me Of $1.2million, Detained Me For 42 Days

    -Victim Makes Shocking Revelations

    Following the arrest of notorious billionaire kidnap kingpin, Chukwudi Onuamadike, popularly known as Evans, one of his victims who paid the sum of $1.2million to secure his release has narrated his ordeal in the kidnap kingpin’s hands.
    The victim, Chief James Uduji, Chairman of Cometstar cable Manufacturing Limited was abducted for 42 days and only released after the money was sent to Evans and his gang.
    The victim was reported to have been abducted after he arrived in the country from Canada where he visited his wife who gave birth a month before.
    Speaking on his kidnap, the victim narrated:
    The day of the kidnap:
    On September, 2015, as I was coming back from my factory in Agbara to my home in Festac, arriving Seventh Avenue, I saw four gun men. They stopped in front of my vehicle and started shooting while I was with my two drivers in my Hilux pickup.
    I was sitting at the back, thinking they were policemen. I was wondering why they were shooting and charging at us not knowing that they were kidnappers. In the process, they shot us, me and two of my drivers but luckily, nobody died. I still have a bullet in my body.
    By the time I realized they were kidnappers, they dragged me out of my vehicle to their own Lexus 470 Jeep. Inside their Jeep, there were lots of arms and ammunition inside a box. They had another box at the back where they put me in.
    Four guys were inside that Jeep, well-armed, even the driver had his own AK-47 riffle. They drove past Festac Link Bridge to Amowu-Odofin, around 4:30pm as if they were going to Okota. Later, they came out to Oshodi -Apapa Expressway. By this time, they had not blindfolded me but they pushed my head down, lying bare on the floor of the car. One of them just held me as I was seriously bleeding. I never knew I would survive this. I couldn’t remember the places they took me to because I was lying down.
    After a long journey, they stopped at a particular area, those guys jumped down and another group came on board and zoomed off again.
    As we were going, we got to one house, they called the security guard who came and opened the gate, and they brought me out, gathered water, changed their cloths and called one doctor, whether he was quack or not, I do not know.
    They told the doctor they had emergency. The doctor came, washed me and treated my wound. That was the first thing they did. Though, when we were about to get to where they wanted to take me to, they blind folded me.
    They were administering two injections on me daily. When I asked them the kind of injection they were giving me, they said it was anti tetanus injection and pain reliever. They refused to give me water saying that if you have bullet in your body, you don’t drink water.
    The second day, Evans came there with the doctor and said to me that, he came there because of me. Yet, I did not set my eyes on him. Maybe, the person that asked them to kidnap me told them that they should not let me die.
    I said this because of the kind of treatment they were giving me or maybe, it could be because of my wound. But, I was seriously bleeding. At a point, they were thinking of exchanging me. They called my brother to come and let me go out and treat myself of the bullet wound.
    My elder brother accepted to come but backed out at the end because those people, you never know what they planned. May be their plan was to capture the two of us before they would kill us. It was an ugly situation.
    They injected me for seven good days. From that Monday till the next Sunday, every two days, there was a particular guy that came there to treat my wounds, dress it and put the bandage again. After some days, Evans called.
    How they operate
    How they operate is that, they keep a hostage keeper, which is someone that would be guiding kidnap victims so that any time their boss wants to call, he would call that person. When he calls the person, the person would bring the phone to the victim and hold the phone for you talk to him.
    They were always communicating. They did not maltreat me because of my condition but I heard them maltreating the victim in the other room with hot iron and the person would be crying.
    Before they start that, they would go and put on their generator so that their neighbours would not be hearing. That guy was a terror.
    Feeding pattern
    They were feeding me with one useless Indomie. I was just managing to eat to keep my life moving. They asked what kind of drugs I was taking but I told them I was not on drugs. I did not make trouble with them but there was a day I tried to escape. I was scared whether all the neighbours were their gang members or not.
    Again, even if I would have escaped, I would have been naked because before you go to the bathroom, they take away your boxers. When you finished, you knocked at the door and turned your face to the wall as they gave you your boxer to wear.
    They would blind fold you and put you in chains again. Early morning I used to hear siren and I thought, that it was police that were coming to rescue me. At the end nothing would happen. They would go. What were they coming to do there around 4:00 am to 5:00 am? I noticed that five times and I asked myself, “what the police are coming there to do?”.
    I also noticed there was a construction site nearby where people were working. One particular day, one boy came in and asked “mummy, who is this uncle?”. I was listening and waited to hear what the woman would say but she did not say anything.
    So, that couple that was paraded were there. I was praying every minute of the day, waiting for anything that would happen the next day. It was traumatising . So many things happened. I knew that, nothing would happen to me but they would charge me more money.
    You know, I paid $1.2 million. We paid it in three instalments. We paid two hundred thousand dollars, eight hundred thousand dollars and another two hundred thousand dollars. He claimed that, the first two hundred dollars we paid had been cancelled because we set them up by inviting security agents to be tracking them. That’s how we were accused and that the payment had been rubbished.
    He bargains with the victims, he doesn’t bargain with the families. Whatever he asked for that is what the family would pay. A person that is under chain, what would he say? Anything they asked you to do, you just had to do it because of your life. That was not joke, they meant business.
    If you refused to co-operate, they would kill you. I am sure; they have killed some people there. I stayed there for six weeks. I was abducted on the 7th of September and I was released on the 19th of October, 2015.
    What led to my release?
    After I had finished paying the ransom, they still kept me for another eight days. My people were worried, and I was worried too because I did not know what was going on outside. They had cut off communication with everybody. Immediately, he collected his ransom, he travelled abroad. He goes outside to keep his ill-gotten wealth, which was obvious.
    I now asked the hostage keeper, how long it takes them to release a hostage. He said four days, I now asked again, but why am I still here? He then said I should not worry, that the chairman travelled and that I would be released as soon as he returned.
    He said that I should see myself as a free man and relax. The man was a greedy man. Of all the money we paid him, he didn’t feed us well. His duty, I observed, was to collect money and drop victims.
    When he came back to Nigeria, he came to me where I was detained by his men and said to me that, today, you will go. He ordered his boys to bring all my belongings. My Rolex watch, my bag, my golden ring and my sandals were nowhere to be found. Not to talk of cash because all of them were criminals. All other valuables were gone.
    They only brought my cloths, bank cheque books and seals and a polythene bag. And for my sandals, they bought one bathroom slippers for me. Just imagine someone coming back from his office.
    Then, he asked me to hold on till the road was free; it was about 5:00 pm.
    How Evans promised to attend my thanksgiving in church
    As I was waiting, he came back and called me, Nnwa which is my title name. Any time he wanted to talk to me he first called me Nnwa. When he saw my wound, he said, I was a lucky man. That, my God is a great God.
    He said that, I would live up to hundred years for surviving that gunshot. I asked him why they were shooting us like that. He said in war all was fair. I then asked “you and who were fighting?. Did I have gun with me?”.
    Evans now asked who was the person in front of my car. That was when they thought I was a policeman. In fact they would have killed my driver if he were a policeman. When he came down and they asked him, he told them he was just an ordinary driver. That was when they left him.
    He advised me to buy a lot of drinks because many people would be coming to sympathize with me. He stressed that people were already waiting for my arrival. He said:
    “Any day you are going to do thanksgiving, we are going to be there.” I now asked him, how would I know you will be there? He replied that, I shouldn’t worry; he would come and follow me to thank God. “Nnwa, but your God is great oh”.
    All these things he was talking, my mind was not there because I knew he was wicked.
    That evening, he brought ten thousand naira that I should take it. That if, they drop me anywhere, I should use it to enter taxi to my house. Or if I wanted, they could drop me in a nearby hotel so that, I could call my people to come and carry me.
    But I told him to just drop my anywhere he wanted. When it became dark everywhere, they took me out of that house and moved me round the city before finally dropping me around Lagos State University (LASU, side in Iyana Oba.
    Even to walk was a problem because, I had been in chains for long and all my bones had grown weak. I almost fell down while trying to cross the road because of my wobbling legs. I lost so much energy that, I became weak, lean and tired.
    Suya was the first thing I ate after my release from captivity. I called a motorcyclist to take me to any nearby bus stop, which he did. When I turned the other side, I saw one man selling roasted meat (Suya), I went to him and bought the meat for one thousand naira and started eating.
    My action was to soften the ground for me to start asking question that would let me know exactly where I was as by this time I never knew where I was exactly. I asked the man, how I could get to Mile 2, and he said before you get to Mile 2, you first of all get to LASU.
    I asked again, how I could I get to LASU, he told me to cross the road to the other side and enter any bus that was going that way. As soon as I entered the bus, I switched on my phones and there was no single credit on my phones except the one we used as a company group. That one doesn’t need credit because we pay once in a month. I now used it to call one of my managers.
    Immediately he saw my call, he knew I was out and asked me where I was so that he could come and carry me. I told him to come to LASU, I got there and was waiting for him. He was coming from Agbara axis. While there, I strolled down a bit to buy orange, one man just came to me that I should give him money in spite of my tattered appearance.
    I took two thousand out of the ten thousand Evans gave to me and gave to him. I was kind of hiding so that people who knew me before would not notice me until I got home.
    When my manager came, he took me straight to the house after that, I went to report officially to the police. Even the commissioner of police came to my house after that.
    After that incident, I requested for police protection which I was later provided with. I was so happy when I heard that, the guy has been arrested. I thank the Nigeria police for doing a great job. That shows that, if the police want to work, they could work.

  14. He's guilt of d law

    We knw dat God is a merciful father, now lets talk abt d nigerian law, evans ve 2 b george according 2 d law simple.

  15. Too shocked to say a word…….The man is really mean!!!!Those who live by the sword shall for by the sword!

  16. If you go forda You See that dose person asking forgiveness know much about this issue

  17. Can someone tell me why dis man sldnt be kill by firing squad? He is so wicked and heartless, how can u kidnap somebody’s husband somebody’s son somebody’s bread winner for more than 5 months. All I can say to dos asking for his release to pass through what his victims has gone through. 🙏 Amen

  18. don’t killed the man rather promote him as intelligence officer. what happen to saul in the bible ,the man may be helpful to us to track down criminals and others. Evans is a good man

  19. Fuck you by saying that shit

  20. Fuck you

  21. Forgiveness z a SIN…
    Murder d man sharperly…
    His show dn cast…
    Nd na fuck up…
    Prayers of doz he wasted nd hurted, ve weighed him dwn via #nemesis….

  22. Is his repentance genuine?Abegi!!He’s now ‘sorry’ because he’s been caught .Foolish kalongo mscheeew!!!

  23. I thank God for your life sir

  24. My people dont let us start foghting our self on this ossue. let us leave the rest to God. only him knws why he want him arrested now and he knws the nezt thing to be advice to every one of us pataining all we heard frm evans is that…
    1, we shld try to know who is living next to .,if u dont do, he or she can implicate u. Dont forget do it in an intelligent maner
    2,If u are rich, dont expose urself.
    3, remember u are on a social media…. mind what u say or comment.
    my question;
    Do u knw we still have people like evans… they might even be among the people commenting here. may God almighty exspose them and may we never be a victim.

  25. Okonkwo Kingsely

    What Evans did is really bad but despite the fact that the did has been done I think they should forgive him .

  26. If he naver kill gv should fee him

  27. I am sitting here confused. This is a man who has committed a heinous crime has probably killed some folks whosee families could not come up with the ransom and we are here arguing about his mom and dad. First of this guy is a grown ass nigga , grown enough to take care of his own business. We are still talking about mom and dad. Many of us were raised in poverty ,divorces and other social viles. So we should all become kidnappers abi?? Nonsense
    Some people are even quoting what he said. This is a seasoned heartless criminal. No word that proceeds from that mouth of his can be taken seriously. At this point he needs to confess the names of all those he has killed and tell the police all the hideouts of his captives. He should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  28. olayinka olywaseyi

    abeg shut ur dirty mouth up jare, how can say such a prayer if u offend God I pray make he no forgive u nd go to hell fire … u God? we human being like his flesh offend him nd he forgive why u ordnary person cnt forgive ur flesh….u too u be killer be dat since u want dem to kill ur flesh bcos of his sins nd bcos u dnt have d fear of God
    …..d deed has been done nd he has been caught he only need forgiveness nd repent…..and NOTE: No sin is bigger nd smaller in front of God eigther u lie, smoke , funication once u repent u will make heaven nd once u dnt repent u wnt make heaven bcis we re all a thieft nd liar so stop pretending as if u clean

  29. olayinka oluwaseyi

    abeg shut ur dirty mouth up jare, how can say such a prayer if u offend God I pray make he no forgive u nd go to hell fire … u God? we human being like his flesh offend him nd he forgive why u ordnary person cnt forgive ur flesh….u too u be killer be dat since u want dem to kill ur flesh bcos of his sins nd bcos u dnt have d fear of God
    …..d deed has been done nd he has been caught he only need forgiveness nd repent…..and NOTE: No sin is bigger nd smaller in front of God eigther u lie, smoke , funication once u repent u will make heaven nd once u dnt repent u wnt make heaven bcis we re all a thieft nd liar so stop pretending as if u clean

  30. Well I don’t know y some people are involving God here,…”it’s only God dt will decide ur fate” d tin z his fate has already been decided,d bible told us dt a man’s sin will surely cut him up, talking about forgiveness, dt one na God mata, like; he can b forgiven no doubt bt we shld also remember dt d bible also said dt a sinner will never go unpunished, its very simple Evan just accept ur fate and serve ur jail terms, I pray d law does not sentence u cos ur death z not enough to pay for ur crimes…..”u” I pity his family, have u pitied for d families of his victims or are u saying they don’t deserve pity?….I don’t want to Jordge but u guys must likely be heartless. Am in my house come and beat me!!


  32. Evans should face the music of his sin and that of gang by dieing and taking the sin of kidnapping away from the society.

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