Thursday , 20 June 2019

Photos: See The Multi Million-Naira Mansion Billionaire Kidnapper Evans Built For His Mother

After his arrest last Saturday, more and more details has been revealed concerning the luxurious lifestyle of Billionaire Kidnapper, Evans.. and how he kidnaps his victim plus how he operates.


Vanguard during a return visit to Akamili, Umudim in Nnewi, the home town of the dreaded kidnap kingpin, Mr. Chidumeme Onwuamadike, a.k.a Evans, they have revealed that a magnificent property in the maiden home compound of his mother, Mrs. Chinwe Onwuamadike, was built by the mother.

Meanwhile, following the statement by Evans father, Mr. Stephen Onwamadike, that his estranged wife and mother of Evans, Mrs. Chinwe Onwuamadike, had so much influence on his son, and that that contributed greatly towards the wrong path the ioy toed, it became more difficult to know her where about.

Evans Mother.

Though she no longer lives with her husband, she was said to be virtually residing in her maiden home a few meters away from her husband’s home. In fact, Mrs. Onwuamadike was believed to be the bread winner in her maiden home, where it was also believed that the magnificent house in that compound was built by her.

However, checks in her maiden home showed that she disappeared few days after the arrest of her son by the police and fled to an unknown place. While some people in her village, Akamili, Umudim said she was seen in Nnewi few weeks ago, others said she traveled to Lagos few days before the arrest of her son.

In A Earlier report Billionaire Kidnap Kingpin, Evans, said;

My mum has never been to my house. She knows I’m into crime but never supports me.



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  1. …..some igbos friends I have called Evans “Sharp guy” I asked wat is the meaning of that ??? They said he get brains” nawao

  2. Did kind of mother nawa ooo she needs dirty glory

  3. U guys should stop talking trash. Listen to His confession on ur own and don’t mind social media. He said in quote “His mum knows He’s into crime and never supported Him and She has not been in His house before. He has done evil and He deserve to suffer it.

    • I don’t know how dey read.. the guy stated it clearly that the mother is not in support.. some people are here cursing the innocent woman

    • The information is false but Vangaud will soon know because even the mansion belongs to Evans mothers brother who have been taking care of Evans mother and the children . The Father told a lot of lies against the mother who out of torture from the marriage is hypertensive and diabetic with partial stroke yet it is believed that she was sitting on billions of naira. Life is full of manipulation and parents need to learn a lot from this saga. Lack of parental care can expose children to sorts of manipulation. If Evans Father can be honest enough to tell the world how he took second and eventual third wife and the torture Evans mother and children, then we start learning our lessons. Evans wife told part of the story but God in his infinite mercy will let loose the remaining part. The escapades are highly condemnable but my prayer is that God have mercy on him with another chance this time to work for God.

  4. Hahahahaha this matter sef the man said the mummy is not awear of his dirty life,but wait how many mothers will be free to turn there own son into the police net? Make we dey talk true here ooh the man said the mother didn’t support him so why are some people calling her names? As for the wife is very possible she dnt no why the husband is doing very very possible so make hear well b4 we judge abeg

  5. l wonder how some illiterate graduate read and how they understand a common a sentence…. please I advice before u judge go through the story for more clear understanding…. Any ways, that’s nija for us… Another interpretation to another story…

  6. Pls enough of Evans today Evans tommorow,its very very possible dat d wife doesn’t no wat d husband does, remember for 6yrs she said he left them they are not always together,men can be very secretive secondly men has dis problem when a woman is so equisitive to no tins Abt them d nxt they would say is madam be careful, are u d man of dis house or me?i believe Wat she said if u dnt then no point abusing her, to the mother he said d mum do not really no but as a human being she might have suspected but dnt no it has gotten dis lengthy,he said d mum doesn’t come to his house,he won’t let anyone visit him for them not to no wat he really does,so Plsssssss learn to believe pple no one is better off,we might ve not done as much as he has done, but we all ve our own dirty records,rubbish were are those politicians theifs theifs theifs,those pple he took those money from wre did they get it frm???????feeling sleepy

    • My dear you are on point. Were are those politician that have been stealing our money with pen? Why have they not been brought to book like this. Pls they should leave Evans wife and family alone and face only Evans. Sell his property but don’t touch any member of his family. They can give him jail sentence but not killing him. Judgement is off the Lord. That’s my own take on his matter.

    • nice comment.

  7. The mother indirectly supported him otherwise since she was aware that her son was into criminal acts, she shouldn’t have collected a dine from her son be it a small house or a manshion.

  8. Mother dis mother dat,if it were u,what WL u do?to stop a grownup from crime is not easy,he is nt a child.

  9. well, I need you to answer the question;

    she know that, her son is into crime, but did not support the Crime, but accepts her Son Crime money, enjoy her son Crime money with full knowledge that the money is not Genuine,

    if you are the Jury, how do you render Judgment?

  10. pls let face politician thieves not evans

  11. Every Day4 d thief, one day 4 d owner! both evans oh and odas, dia is GOD !

  12. Evans did not build any house for the mother. The said house belongs to the mothers brother. The man works for multi national oil companies. He only used the mother to look after the construction of the house. In fact the man relied on her honesty to purchase properties in the village . This woman relied on this her brother to survive even as the husband abandoned her and children. She has being leaving in the husband house till date. God will vindicate the just

  13. but are u not one of the people votes them in? hmmmmmm

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