Sunday , 24 June 2018

Photos & Video: Meet They Youngest Cultist In Nigeria 11year Old Shanawole

Tony Rapu, medical practitioner and a Pastor of This Present House, a popular church in Lekki, Lagos – has shared a video footage of a young Nigerian boy identified as Shanawole, who was rescued from the streets during a recent God Bless Nigeria/Freedom Foundation rehabilitation mission.

According to NHelm, the 11-year-old boy who says he belongs to Eiye confraternity and smokes marijuana well – revealed that if anyone messes with him or his group, it’s his job to kill the person/hack the person down.

He also said that if anyone tries to fight them, he and his boys will hit the person very hard.

The young boy who also claimed to be robber – has been taken off the streets and is undergoing rehabilitation.



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  1. Invest wisely.. invest on Tbc if You want to say goodbye to poverty…

    Nigeria only

  2. Am so glad another young soul is just about to be made a better version of himself.

  3. God have mercy..hmmm

  4. Thank God and Tony Rapu and life saving foundation, this boy wud av grownup to become fearless and deadly armed robber, d govt shud do something to eradicate cultism and usage of marijuana in our society, it leads our future youths atray and destroy them and turn them to menace to the society.

  5. Young boy D Egyptian u see yesterday, u shld see them no more.. (Exo14:13)….go n sin no more…. SHALOM.

  6. God have mercy on our parents, for a mother to carry pregnancy for nine months and give birth and the child become problem to the nation we reject it by Fire tonight in jesus name amen.

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