Monday , 25 June 2018

Shocking Photos: Top Lagos Female Politician Muniratu Adedoyin Allegedly Caught Doing Human Rituals (Evidence!!)

The desperation of some Nigerians in seeking political power, fame and money at all cost is becoming appalling and worrisome.

We just stumbled on this post on the social media, facebook to be precised it was posted by one Sulaiman Muhammed where he alleged that this woman identified as Hon. Munirat Adedoyin, a former Vice Chairman of Ikorodu Local Government in Lagos, who is also said to be vying for the Chairmanship position of the same Local Government was allegedly caught recently in the act of attempting to use a child for ritual as depicted in the picture above, here is how he captioned the photo;

The face of a ritualist politician in lagos Mrs.Munirat Adedoyin. She is the former Deputy Chairman of Ikorodu local Government Area. She is about to contest for the position of the Chairman of the local government. She was caught in the act by some good ‘samaritans’ and the information and the photographs were passed to security agencies. The woman is now on the run. Quest for political power and blood money. One day we shall all give account of our journey in this wilderness before our creator.let us expose evil doers in this country. Share if you can.

According to another post by one another facebook user “Mrs.Munirat Adedoyin. She is the former Deputy Chairman of Ikorodu local Government Area. She is about to contest for the position of the Chairman of the local government. She was caught in the act by some good ‘samaritans’ and the information and the photographs were passed to security agencies.”

Obiazi further commented on the post;

“Efforts made so far to apprehend this extremely wicked woman are being frustrated by a High court judge in Ikorodu who granted an exparte order restraining the police from arresting the woman pending the determination of the motion on notice for the enforcement of her fundamental rights.”

“The woman have abandoned her house and only her lawyer knows her whereabouts. Those
pix. must have been taken secretly. I am also as curious as anybody else.”



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  1. ok.. OMG……. Rashida Black Explains Why She Made The Recent Controversial Video


  3. Okoroafor Kingsley Eze

    Hmm naija e too sweet
    Freedom robbery
    Freedom of kill
    Freedom all manners of life

  4. Our Nigerian judiciary needs serious purging. Fundamental human right for wanting to kill a young soul? God punish them all

  5. Why some Nigerians are are blid, look at the picture very well, especially the second and last, can you see a mirror in front of the picture?

  6. OMG she should be killed……instead

  7. How am I sure she didn’t kill the little boy in the picture? When I came across this same news with the photo evidence some years back, I was really touched, and my heart bled for the innocent little boy.
    What baffled me most was the court order from a court of competent jurisdiction restraining the police from arresting this woman. Oh, what a country we live in.

  8. Naija, wonderful naija, freedom of everything, why would the court not restrain the police from arresting this evil woman, is she not rich and a politician for that matter aaaah? that’s what is going on our country, poor be punish ,rich set free

  9. This is the act I want all Nigerians to fight against so we can clean our nation from innocent blood crying for vengeance daily. Locate any occultic politican, expose them so Nigerians will not vote for killers and evil Leaders.


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  11. Why not save the little boy,rather than taking pictures.

  12. If this was true, it is not strange in Nigeria’s politics. Same people who tell her to do this could have planted the video man or video her. Why running if she is innocent. Some years ago heard of a similar story of a politician who was taken to the bush like this to curse his boss who was supposedly trying to kill him. Next morning after doing this, got to the office and the boss calls him to show him the video. Beware of evil people. Give your life to Christ and be sincere not fake Christian. There’s nothing in this world that is worth losing your soul before getting. For me, I am not sure the woman in the picture is same as the one doing the sacrifice.

  13. Our judiciary organization are the most corrupt organization in this country… Imaging a lawyer still stand for her upon the real and concrete evidence against her and court might still Grant her bail,The lawyer should remember that he or she have a child too so when nemesis come upon him or her, he shouldn’t blame God…

  14. why is the picture just coming out after local government elections has been held for over 3weeks now?

    There may be more to this story.

  15. Although people are desperate, but i want us to take a good look of the 2nd pix. and compare from the neck to the body.

  16. let this woman fac jugment

  17. they did a good job wit editing that foto. but it remains fake. every photoshop guru can easily see that. cheap blackmail!

  18. this is fake so called Suleman how did he get the pic Pls let us discuss about Nigeria president Buhari matter

  19. Fake or no fake, this is the correct and clear picture of our Politics and most the people around it. Only God can say what is happing in a closed door and with secret groups. It can be framed to dis credit her. She can do anything to get what she wants. The amount of free money inside our politics makes it very dangerous.

  20. Is politics a devil act? Den we are lost, god hv mercy upon us

  21. I don’t think those pictures are real. Seems like blackmail…though things like this happen. But my worry is why the boy is not resisting…not that he was bound hand and feet. And who could’ve gotten those clear shots without being noticed…and did not raise alarm immediately. COULD JUST BE SOME KIND OF BLACKMAIL. My humble submission.

  22. This picture is not real just look carefully you will see a forehead of a male and two strikes of lines towards the right to the tump of the person holding the picture . Also take a close look at the position of the knife, then the facial expression does not fit into that of someone who is about to slaughter a chicken talkless of a fellow human. This is cheap blackmail.

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