Wednesday , 23 May 2018

Video: Man Arrested For Raping A Donkey Till It Fainted

So this yet to be identified middle aged man was caught having sex with a donkey somewhere in Zimbabwe. While details pertaining to how he got arrested are yet to be ascertained, however, he was recorded while admitting in a police station how he se_xually feasted on the poor Jennet (a name of a female donkey).

What even shocked the police officers who can be heard speaking in the background and asking him questions is the allegation that he ra_ped the donkey till it lost consciousness. He must have been extremely se_x starved hey!

By the way, never mind our featured image, we’re simply protecting the identity of the victim, as required by the se_xual violation laws!

Watch Video Below



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  1. why the panic it is a good one cos most of the properties are owned by looters

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