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Nigerian Man Beats Up Jehovah’s Witness Who Refused Blood Transfusion For His Pregnant Wife Till She Died

A yet to be identified pregnant Jehovah Witness member who has been in labour for days died. Her death occurred due to her husband refusal for her to take in blood because of shortage.

According to a Facebook user, her husband who is a member of Jehovah Witness church said it is against the doctrine of the church. The doctor who wanted to go ahead by force had to stop because the husband threatened to take it up with him in court.

Read the full post below as shared by Ajayi Afolabi;

So, I was at a General Hospital in Lagos while an heavily pregnant woman was rushed in on child labour. She was immediately taken to the theater and after some mins, one of the lead doctors came out to request for the husband of the pregnant lady.

DOC: Your wife is short of blood. She needs an immediate blood transfusion.

Husband: Same thing they said from the hospital she has been in the last 3 days of labour. We are Jehovah witness, we don’t accept unknown blood.

DOC: This is highly important to save your wife’s life and the unborn baby.

Husband: We have worked for the lord with all our strength, he can’t fail us, she can’t die.

DOC: I may need to proceed forcefully if you don’t accept.

Husband: Then be ready to face the law in court.

So the doctor went back to the theater, asked the woman if she has another relative close by who can sign to receive blood while she was wheeled out of the theater. The woman cried with her pale eyes and begged the husband to allow the doctors transfuse but he refused bluntly. I was so angry and I walked up to him. Tried convincing but he was so adamant and stubborn.

Some mins later, the doctors asked him to take his wife to LUTH, for better health care facilities that could condole non blood transfusion. He was requested to get an ambulance for transportation. To my surprise, this nigga got a Volvo stretcher ambulance meant for dead people. Gosh, so angry at this point.

Called a couple of people around and I aided a quick release of a proper life saving ambulance. While wheeling this woman to the ambulance after wasting about 4hours, she gave up in tears and was later confirmed that the unborn baby also died.

Wow! What a wicked world in the name of a borrowed religion. Then the husband bursted into tears. I didn’t do much, I moved close, looked straight into his eyes, slapped and gave him a couple kicks which later threw the whole general hospital into chaos.

I later reminisced over it the following day and asked myself this questions; why would I allow my loved one die in the name of a religion? Should the religion save lives or kill?



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  1. If I’m d Doc. I will arrest d man.


  3. I pity d poor woman,because after some months he will go n re-marry.may her soul rest in Peace.

  4. U people are ignorant,because u don’t know what the bible teaches abt blood transfusion in the law of moses God gave a commandment to the Iseralites to abstain from the use of blood (letivicus 17:11 and 12). at verse 12 it says no soul of you must eat blood .so the question is if u don’t eat blood but allow them to pass blood through your vains (blood transfusion) have u nt eaten blood .so blood transfusion is a sin against so for example a doctor said to a drunkard should avoid taken alchohol but the drunkard allow them to pass the alchoholic drink through his vains.So if u dnt eat the blood but allow them to pass it through your vains u hve sin against God .Also Act 15 :28,29 Paul wrote to the Corinthians Cong to abstain from the use of blood that is wai we the Jehovah’s witness based on the teachings that we have learnt from the bible it is nt good for us to take in blood transfusion

    • And that is why u keep dying.

    • Rubbish. Life is in involve he wud hv saved her and d baby 1st

    • I pity the Jehovah witnesses, you commit severe and grievous sins than blood transfusion. That’s simply a hypocritical way of life.


    • who is eating blood ni jehova witness reads the bible upside down…may god help al of u

    • SMH. Many people will get to heaven and we’ll be shocked at God’s response to many of our folly and misinterpretation of the scriptures. Anything that takes your life on spiritual matters that has nothing to do with salvation but doctrine is nothing but folly and wickedness of man against fellow man

    • Don’t mind them. They really don’t know the meaning behind why that man refused blood to be given to his wife. They don’t know the important blood play in saving humankind. Or how secret blood is to God.

    • Theirs is foolishness and lack of understanding of the that the woman died is that not a great sin.she died with an innocent blood because of foolish ness.if the woman were to be my sis like that stupid man will not get peace.Jesus also goes contrary to some of the laws when its needed so why can’t you Jehovah witnesses wise up.

    • so u can do d same if u av a patient that need blood

    • That means you keep the rest of the commandments, You don’t lie, cheat jealous pride, hatred, envy, backbite, my dear you guys should stop mocking God. You guys engage in all manner of sin and you think that allowing that woman to die when she could have been saved will count as righteousness my dear wise up.

    • You must be a pastor, tithe collectors.

    • Ur a very big fool for saying this and a very stupid one for that matter , is it not obvious to u that d old laws in d old testament has been abolished with the coming of Christ?..moses brought the law , Christ abolished it and brought grace , u and ur jehova witness people are very stupid and should burn in the abyss of hell, fuck u..this religion u claim to knw so much were ur fore fathers practicing it?..a lot of u live blindly and stupidly in religion that u lack common sense..did u see d stupdi mans comment? God will heal his wife and she died like a Goat..that man has killed two people..his wife and they is more important than any stupid religion that does not understand what God really wants from us..the wife who is close to death understood what life meant..she even begged d husband , I curse they day this jehova witness idiots sprung up..tueh

    • You are very stupid, Jehovah witness indeed, as you lost that woman what is your gain, that baby may be our tomorrow president, you ppl just wasted innocent souls, according to Islam teaching , if you’re sick and forbidden food is the only solution to your sickness ,it’s said eat and when you get well pray for forgiveness and never eat it again.

    • I won’t try to decieve you or change your doctrine…..buh my dear go deep in prayers and ask god the real meaning of “EATING OF BLOOD” in that particular verse…because the word of God Is surly a 2 sharp head sword

    • How about other sinful acts Moses commanded.
      Have you stayed away from it?
      The law brings dead upon the breakers which no human alive can keep.
      But only grace through Jesus gives lives.
      Go get some brains you and all the witnesses.

    • Ha ha ha….so how come they all eat meat? Isnt that taiking in ‘unknown blood’? Religion….the Opium of the people.

  5. Thanks to the doctor I think this is what the man want for his wife
    All because of strange religion

  6. fabusuyi funmilayo

    so painful

  7. Is just wickness as this name of the church sund.

  8. This story is not real. Make up story to to attract comments or people to this site. One reason i said so is the man’s comments. He said they have labour and as such God can’t allow her wife die. Jehovah’s witnesses don’t reason that way. Two, we have specialized brothers who responds promptly to any issues that has to do with blood. These brothers have trained many hospitals both within and out side the country how to treat Jehovah’s witnesses with out blood. The story also had it that, they have been to other hospitals. That too is false. Because , the period they used to reach out to other hospitals was enough for to have call the Nigeria branch of Jehovah’s witnesses, and recommendations of hospitals that treat patients without blood will be given immediately. Our brothers who served at this capacity are always helping out. Three, the scenerum painted in the hospital is not application to Jehovah’s witnesses scenerum . because, it seems it was only the two of them in the hospital. The witnesses have brotherly love among themselves. Critical issues like this, always demand the assistant of brothers from different congregations to console them and make recommendations. Four, there is this drug call Erythropeutin. this drug is specially produced for bloodless treatment. Many doctors are not aware of this drugs. Doctors around the wold are happy over the stands of Jehovah’s witnesses of non blood treatment. Many of them have been trained by the witnesses on how to treat their patients without blood. Finally, we must respect Gods law on Blood. God says, any one who loses he/her life on account of him , will do wat ?

    • The naive person believes every word,but the shrewd one ponders each step(Pr 14:15).Indeed the bible has really made u wise thanks for the light thrown on this issue .

    • We must respect God’s law on blood. That’s very good, sir. Tell me sir, do you keep the whole laws as enumerated in the Bible? Of you keep all and you flout one, the Bible says you’ve flouted all. There’s a law of tithing which I know you guys don’t keep. How do you not keep a harmless law and keep a devilish one that has robbed you guys of loved ones since ages. God will grant us all deeper understanding. When this is all over, I hope you don’t gnash your teeth realizing that y’all died for nothing. God help us all.

    • Well said…. I thought as much…. Jehovah servant don’t use such words… Whoever did this write up should ask questions about Jehovah witness

    • Dear, Erythropietin is not meant for emergency use. It does not provide the blood needed urgently. Colloids may come into play but there’s thing nothing like blood in some cases.

    • U mumu u part of jw u Blood liar

  9. A Borrowed Religion That Is Killing U Ppl,beta Go Back To D Religion Of Our Fadas Dat Will Save Us

  10. dis story l think is not real as he said Anonymous

  11. Nowadays, people think and talk without the consideration of God’s view about things in the Bible…

    If you understand the Bible, you won’t just talk anyhow to Jehovah’s people.

  12. Whoever wants to save his life will loose it,but whoever looses his life for my sake or the sake of the good news will save it(Mr8:35).And what shows the wife wouldn’t have died after the blood transfusion?

  13. Even if all what the docter claims is true,was the wife unconscious, again don’t they have legal right to choose the form of treatment they want,why then do we have consent form?The docters story does not make sense it is just something to gain favour in the sight of man

  14. respect Gods law, though the story is fake jst to alert pipo know that j.w dont allow blood and pipo died in the name of religion. to treat pipo wt blood is more better than transfusion, some doctors hav confessd abt it. let all abstain frm blood. satanist drinks blood jst to contradict Gods law.

  15. Artfully contrived false story aimed at deceiving gullible ones

  16. It is very funny to read the comments of jws on the issue of blood. If what I am about to say is a lie, then all you need to do is to study history. In the early 1920s, when medical science started using vaccine, the watchtower demonized Society used the same Lev 17:10-11 argument that taking vaccine is against the law of Jehovah. But when their children started dying and members were leaving the society in numbers, the controller generals of the watchtower Organisation suddenly came up with new lies (New Light) that accepting vaccine is no longer a sin and that is where they are today. If not that they are blinded, what is the purpose of going to the hospital, is it not to get well and recover from sickness? Why would a good God approve your medical motive but forbids certain medical methods? It is written in Ex 23:25-26 that you shall serve Jehovah your God and he shall take away sickness from your midst and fulfill the number of your days. If Jehovah whom you claim to be your God cannot do what the God of the Bible declared He will do for those who serve Him, then your Jehovah is fake, a fraud and just a creation of man. Think about it, your Jehovah cannot heal you neither can he take care of the health of your loved ones despite the fact that you serve him, yet he forbids you to receive certain medical treatment. I can’t worship such a wicked God. Another thing is the issue of expressing sorrow in bitterness when a jws loses a loved one because of their religion. Why did he cry? Did he feel the pains the pregnant woman felt? Does he know what it is to suffer in agony till death? Since he has done the will of Jehovah, he should rejoice that jehovah’s will has been done and Jehovah has taken over the matter. Let jws tell an accident victim who is bleeding profusely in an emergency ward that there is such thing as bloodless surgery.

    • You are a coward, to serve Jehovah, you must make some sacrifices, not just when the situation is ideal.

    • God bless you sir

    • God bless you sir

    • Good day my brother. If you genuinely want to learn more about bloodless medicine and surgery Google and you will be surprised at the findings. You can also write to :
      Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Group, C/O Department of Surgery, University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar, Cross River State.
      Great minds see every new challenge as an opportunity to contribute to solving man’s problems. The truth is that you can not force everyone to toe your line of reasoning and believe but any society fares better when it allows multiplicity of opinions. Have a great day today and always.

  17. This story is totally a fablication of lies and is aimed at turnishing the good image of we JWs. Firstly we don’t refuse blood transfussion on behalf of others. If the pregnant woman was baptised then she refused the transfussion on her own because of her bible trained conscience not the husbands. Secondly the husband wouldn’t have said it’s againist our doctrine. NO! We dont have a doctrine talking about blood transfussion. It’s the bible which forbids eating blood of any animal including of man thats canibalism. (Lev. 17:10,11 , Acts 15:29) Finally the situation would not have reached that extentet before our brothers coming to help that family. We have a good communication network with hospital liason committee which are always available to provided help. Not the least relatives of pregnant woman should have been there to give her blood if she wanted to be transfussed he cant be alone at the hospital. So dont fablicate lies because of personal hatred of a religion. J Chisi Zambia

  18. These jehovah witness people sef too carry religion for their head…Where is it written in the bible that blood transfusion is a sin??? these people are misinterpreting the bible
    That man killed two people in the name of religion.May their soul rest in peace

  19. Do u want to tel us that all those dat accept blood survive?Aside the biblical aspect, do u know what those dat accept blood transfusions go thru, a whole lot of sicknesses at the end of the day.

  20. who is this one? just carry dt ur backward interpretation of the bible and goan sleep.

  21. Excuse Me Fellow, Who Tld U Many Doctors Are Nt Aware Of Erythropoietin, D Ris No Medical Doctor Who Doest Kno It As Far Bak As Year Two In His Medical Trainin,so Get Ur Facts Straight B4 Drawin Wrong Conclusion

  22. Most Nigerian doctors like this one… are not keeping up with the pace in modern medicine. Ask the doc if there is non-blood surgery. Medical discipline had gone beyond what we see in Nigeria… for Christ sake most major surgeries are now performed without blood transfusion, like open heart surgeries, organ transplant, correction surgeries etc. Ask the doc if there are blood volume expanders, erythropoietin etc, he should have used to save the woman. I am sure he is ignorant of these because he settles for less knowledge n skill. He doesn’t want to move forward. He should be ashamed of himself rather than coming up here to showcase his ignorance and…Doc why are u whining when u are still practising 18th Century medicine?
    I pity those of you are wallowing in ignorance and running imperfect mouths using 50MB. Be humble enough to read your bibles well and carry out research on current medical practice.
    Anyway, I was told this whole story was cooked, let me save my energy…


  24. The Watchtower, October 15, 2000
    Questions From Readers
    Questions From Readers

    In the light of Bible commands about the proper use of blood, how do Jehovah’s Witnesses view medical procedures using one’s own blood?

    Rather than deciding solely on the basis of personal preference or some medical recommendation, each Christian ought to consider seriously what the Bible says. It is a matter between him and Jehovah.

    Jehovah, to whom we owe our lives, decreed that blood should not be consumed. (Genesis 9:3, 4) In the Law for ancient Israel, God limited the use of blood because it represents life. He decreed: “The soul [or life] of the flesh is in the blood, and I myself have put it upon the altar for you to make atonement for your souls.” What if a man killed an animal for food? God said: “He must in that case pour its blood out and cover it with dust.”a (Leviticus 17:11, 13) Jehovah repeated this command again and again. (Deuteronomy 12:16, 24; 15:23) The Jewish Soncino Chumash notes: “The blood must not be stored but rendered unfit for consumption by pouring it on the ground.” No Israelite was to appropriate, store, and use the blood of another creature, whose life belonged to God.

    The obligation to keep the Mosaic Law ended when the Messiah died. Yet, God’s view of the sacredness of blood remains. Moved by God’s holy spirit, the apostles directed Christians to ‘abstain from blood.’ That command was not to be taken lightly. It was as important morally as abstaining from sexual immorality or idolatry. (Acts 15:28, 29; 21:25) When donating and transfusing blood became common in the 20th century, Jehovah’s Witnesses understood that this practice conflicted with God’s Word.b

    Occasionally, a doctor will urge a patient to deposit his own blood weeks before surgery (preoperative autologous blood donation, or PAD) so that if the need arises, he could transfuse the patient with his own stored blood. However, such collecting, storing, and transfusing of blood directly contradicts what is said in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Blood is not to be stored; it is to be poured out​—returned to God, as it were. Granted, the Mosaic Law is not in force now. Nevertheless, Jehovah’s Witnesses respect the principles God included in it, and they are determined to ‘abstain from blood.’ Hence, we do not donate blood, nor do we store for transfusion our blood that should be ‘poured out.’ That practice conflicts with God’s law.

    Other procedures or tests involving an individual’s own blood are not so clearly in conflict with God’s stated principles. For instance, many Christians have allowed some of their blood to be withdrawn for testing or analysis, after which the sample is discarded. Other more complex procedures involving one’s blood may also be recommended.

    For example, during certain surgical procedures, some blood may be diverted from the body in a process called hemodilution. The blood remaining in the patient is diluted. Later, his blood in the external circuit is directed back into him, thus bringing his blood count closer to normal. Similarly, blood that flows into a wound may be captured and filtered so that the red cells can be returned to the patient; this is called cell salvage. In a different process, blood may be directed to a machine that temporarily carries on a function normally handled by body organs (for example, the heart, lungs, or kidneys). The blood from the machine is then returned to the patient. In other procedures, blood is diverted to a separator (centrifuge) so that damaging or defective portions of it can be eliminated. Or the goal may be to isolate some of a blood component and apply that elsewhere on the body. There are also tests in which a quantity of blood is withdrawn in order to tag it or to mix it with medicine, whereupon it is put back into the patient.

    The details may vary, and new procedures, treatments, and tests will certainly be developed. It is not our place to analyze each variation and render a decision. A Christian must decide for himself how his own blood will be handled in the course of a surgical procedure, medical test, or current therapy. Ahead of time, he should obtain from the doctor or technician the facts about what might be done with his blood during the procedure. Then he must decide according to what his conscience permits. (See box.)

    Christians should bear in mind their dedication to God and obligation ‘to love him with their whole heart, whole soul, whole strength, and whole mind.’ (Luke 10:27) Unlike most in the world, Jehovah’s Witnesses highly treasure their good relationship with God. The Life-Giver urges all to trust in Jesus’ shed blood. We read: “By means of him [Jesus Christ] we have the release by ransom through the blood of that one, yes, the forgiveness of our trespasses.”​—Ephesians 1:7.


    Professor Frank H. Gorman writes: “The pouring out of the blood is best understood as an act of reverence that demonstrates respect for the life of the animal and, thus, respect for God, who created and continues to care for that life.”

    The Watchtower of July 1, 1951, answered key questions about this subject, showing why transfusions of donated blood are not appropriate.

    [Box/​Pictures on page 31]


    If some of my blood will be diverted outside my body and the flow might even be interrupted for a time, will my conscience allow me to view this blood as still part of me, thus not requiring that it be ‘poured out on the ground’?

    Would my Bible-trained conscience be troubled if during a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure some of my own blood was withdrawn, modified, and directed back into (or onto) my body?

    • But what utter RUBBISH!!! THE WATCHTOWER ALSO PRONOUNCED YEARS AGO – MORE THAN ONCE THE ENDING OF THIS WORLD AS WE KNOW IT AND THAT JEHOVAH WAS GOING TO BRING EARTH TO A STATE OF ‘PARADISE’. Then they were called the ‘Mellium Dawn’….they are always spuing out crap in the effort to control people’s mind and enslave them. If there was is just God then that husband caused the death of his wife and child. If there is any law in the Bible to follow from that it’s that he should be stoned to death! Yes….he is a false and usless excuse for a man!

  25. Shut up, John! If you were in the pregnant woman’s shoes you’d have seen differently. God gave you commonsense. Use it!

  26. I hope all these is not true.

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