Tuesday , 16 July 2019

Nigerian Man Who K i l l e d His Fiancée And Stuffed Her Body Inside A Bucket Finally Reveals Why He Did

Isaiah Chukwu, a spare parts dealer in Ladipo, Oshodi, reportedly k illed his 26-year-old lover, identified only as Joy, at their residence on Balogun Street, Oshodi and stuffed her body into a bin, which he put in a sack.

According to Punch, Chukwu and Joy, both indigenes of Ebonyi State, had been living together for the past two years without formalising the relationship.

He had dragged the body around 4am to the ground floor of the house en route to a dust bin when he was accosted by some youths.

The youths, who were said to have been suspicious of the content of the sack, reportedly questioned him as the suspect shunned them.

An Islamic cleric, who was passing by, was said to have opened the sack and discovered the corpse, which caused the mob to pounce on the suspect and beat him to a pulp.

A trader said Chukwu had declared the victim missing some days earlier. He said,

“When people went to the room after the woman’s corpse was discovered, the whole apartment was filled with perfume.”

Some friends of the deceased said Joy adored Chukwu and spoke fondly of him. “They don’t fight. In fact, people always envied their relationship,” one of them said. A police source said Joy was stabbed in the back.

He said,

“We recovered a knife which he used for the crime and four mobile phones from the house. Although investigations are ongoing, we suspect it had to do with suspicion of infidelity.

“The man said he had called her when he travelled and a man picked the call. He said the man queried him (Chukwu) for disturbing his wife.” The suspect, who spoke briefly, confirmed the source’s account.

He said, “I travelled on Thursday. I called my wife around 11pm to know how she was faring. We exchanged pleasantries. Around 11.45pm, I called again, but she did not pick her calls. I called about 10 times, but she did not pick. Then I heard a man’s voice.”



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  3. My own understand is that he want to used her for money 💰 💰

  4. So why d cutting of d head and d arms. He shud ve left d lady’ body intact and defend himself. some pple ar teaching d guy what to say. Hummmm, feeling conspiracy

  5. I don’t blame him the lady is not alive to say her own side of the story. God will pay you pay. You will not go unpunished. Pls ple let him go and marry her properly and wed her.

  6. There is no atom of truth in what he is saying, why did he have to cut her head off. There is something he is not telling the police. Let them make him tell them the truth, what he really wanted to do with the parts of her body. After killing her, he has the mind of cutting her head off. Hmmmmm. This man should not look at people as fools.

  7. James onyekachi

    Let this not be like clifford orji case. police must never gv him space

  8. Benjamin Joseph

    God will judge him

  9. Nezianya Chizzy

    What is this world turning into where on earth is marriage and friendship compulsory that will make one to kill the soul he or she did not created. May her gently soul rest in perfect peace 🙏. Father Lord only you alone knows what happened and will judge.

  10. Jacqui’s voice

    I have many people angry about my comments and I don’t know why I am rubbing so many people the wrong way 😱 I never justified the monster for what he did is a matter of fact quite the opposite 🤔 so why not focus on the story and get off my case 🤭
    Stick to the story NOT ME !! I don’t always like what I read in others comments but an opinion is like an asshole everyone’s got one 😑 so give me a break and comment on the story and off of me . Also I apparently have a different article then some of you because nowhere in my article does it mention anything about the woman being chopped up in pieces . The only thing my article says is that the man came home and killed his fiancée by stabbing her in her back and then stuffing her body in a trash barrel and some youths caught him and beat him up and called the police. So it’s obvious they write different articles for different countries.

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