Monday , 25 May 2020

Fans Attack Vera Sidika For Bragging About Her Nigerian-BF Having More Than 20 Cars


Vera Sidika posted the photo above flaunting one of her tycoon boyfriend’s cars and captioned it;

“I don’t understand how my man has upto 20 cars tho. LMAO. OK, ain’t complaining. We all have an addiction anyway! Can’t get enough of SHOES! I even started naming them. LOL! What’s your addiction?”

But as expected, her fans were not amused by her outrageous bragging and they were on her case. Check out a sample of the harsh comments that went her way;

vera poll6

Lilly Ann – yenyewe maskini akipata matako hulia mbwata… there r richer pple out there vera not making a fuss.. when will ur excitment calm down

Brenda Makori – Who is yo boyfriend?
u just a spitting image of nothing less than a whore.that’s why u never say his name coz he doesn’t exist..tembeza viatu zako

Jackson Maina Jnr – i think u also forgot ua addiction to stupidity
Irene Turere …20 cars and can’t afford a ring?

Liams Leemro Choxx – So what??nd how does it concern us??

Ontoz Kontoz Rivera Hahah…btw who cares?that big ass anajisumbua…na utwo tu gari twake..

Mopreme Machiavelli I never knew bleaching causes brain erosion!! R.i.p vera’s brain

Brian Luke The difference between you and whores on the streets n homes is that you are an expensive one n very proud of it i MUST admit..hehe..give the cheap ones a lesson






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