Friday , 10 April 2020

“Kanye West’s new son is going to be named P*ssy”-Joan Rivers Mocks Kim & Kanye in new book


Earlier, Joan Rivers dissed North West saying she was ugly and in need of a wax,she also did a skit of Kim’s sex tape with

Ray J.Since then,Kim has refused to speak to her even when they meet at events..Now, she is taking it further by dissing Kim and Kanye in her new book “Diary of a Mad Diva”..In some quotes obtained by Star Magazine, she says..
“If I want to see millions of smiling black people, I’ll set up a camera in the hallway outside Kim Kardashian’s bedroom!”Kanye West’s new son is going to be named P*ssy in honour of where he came from.”
She also says she loves taping her reality series Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? because she feels “like one of the Kardashian girls, except I don’t have a sex tape or black hair.”

She also attacked Tyra Banks calling her a “narcissistic loser” always standing up for herself and her race over perceived slights.”
“For example, she’ll say ‘You just pushed me because I’m black,’” she says. “No, I pushed you because the train was coming right at you, you bulimic twit!”



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