Thursday , 23 January 2020

Man Arrested For Mercilessly Beating His Wife To Stupor Over Food (Photos)

A man identified as Naftali Luzuli, has been arrested by the Kenyan police for allegedly beating his wife, Valerie, in Eldoret.

Luzuli had given Valerie, KSh 500 to purchase foodstuff. However, a furious Naftali roughed the victim up when he returned home to no meal.

The husband is now cooling off behind bars while the wife is recuperating at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital.



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  1. Jezzz he beat the African out of her and turn he into Chinese !!this guy is evil

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    THE man need to be inprisoned atleas one month and av a beating of his life (isi adiro ya nma)

  4. The beating is bad, but why didn’t she prepare food for a hungry man? Some hunger leads to madness and she got wanted.

    • U are very stupid someone else will do that to ur sister or daughters

    • Stupid thinking. What if there was an issue that led to her not been able too. Infact is she his housegal now? U shld not even beat anybody like this for any reason Or do stupid men like this thinks women are some like of robot for sex n cooking ! he will b in jail for life if it a female judge that takes this case

  5. This is sad and annoying.. Annoying cos the man is a monster that suppose to live in a zoo and because the wife too suppose to be his husband neighour in the same zoo for collecting money and fail to cook for the husband.. They have no reason living together as husband and wife

  6. U are very stupid someone else will do that to ur sister or daughters

  7. This is completely poverty

  8. According to the word of God, Man is to treat his wife, as Jesus treated the church. He should be willing to die for her, as Jesus died for us.

    No that, you Reap what you sow!

    No that he will be judged for his deeds!

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