Wednesday , 19 February 2020

“Mikel Hasn’t Called Me In 5years, But Kidnappers Think He Sends Millions To Me” – Dad Cries Out

Chief Michael Obi, the 74-year-old father of Super Eagles Captain, John Mikel Obi, recently regained freedom from kidnappers for the second time and is now sharing his terrifying five-day experience and reasons why Mikel rarely comes home.

In a recent chat with Dailytrust, when asked about the experience, he said: “I was travelling home for a family meeting in Enugu. Not quite long after a checkpoint, we heard gunshots ahead of us, so we stopped.

My driver reckoned it was armed robbers, and tried to reverse the car. But another car from nowhere blocked us from behind, and the people within came and dragged us out. The kidnappers were six, well-armed and masked.

They assaulted us, and dragged us into the bush. We walked for many hours, and when I complained that I could not continue, they beat me again. Eventually, they told my driver to carry me on his back.

But after a while, he also got tired and dropped me. We walked into the bush for what seemed like the whole night, until the next morning. I asked them what they wanted from me, and that was when they told me they wanted N100m.

We communicated in Hausa, and some broken English. I told them I could not afford it, and they said they heard that my son sends me N50m to me bi-weekly. I told them I only had N2 million in my bank account.

I finally pegged it at N10 million. My other son, Ebele, who is the goalkeeper for Heartlands of Owerri, contacted Mikel. That was how the ransom was made available.”

When asked about his relationship with Mikel, he said: “It is an issue, but we don’t know what to do. It’s over five years now without a phone call from him to me. But he communicates with his mother.

There is nothing I have not done to fix it. God has told me that I should not feel hurt. When we start to talk about it, I say, ‘Well, as long as I see him on TV, doing great, no problem’.

He once told his brother that sometimes he picks his phone to call me, but something tells him not to. Sometime last year, he was to bring his kids so that I could name them, he said he would. But he didn’t.”



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  1. This story sounds real. Some women are the evil brain behinde the bad relationship between father and sons especially. Daughters, in this particular
    situation would have considered her father even when her mother continues to impose evil brain on her. I dont have a doubt that it’s Mikel’s mom that is selfish and evil. Uprising is the prayer of
    dad to his children especially sons because no man prayed to have his belongings inherited by another children other than his own. Relationship has to exist first if not check out the wife and her selfish end.

  2. This is too bad ,Mikel is better for u to make peace wit your father be4 he dies o if not it will soo difficult for u

  3. It is a shame if that’s true. Mikel is a gentleman. He can’t possibly disown his own father. He has to be also heard from. I believe something is wrong somewhere.

    • Whatever happens your dad is your dad. If I were his mother I will tell him to stop calling me without calling his father or rather maintains talking to Mikel without talking to his wife so he can also see frustration in her online wife

  4. Ojieh Jefferson

    When it comes to family issues, there are a lot of things that happens and have happened which do not know about…almost every home are affected in one way or the other.

  5. Kai, this is something else, Mikel should try to fix the issue with his Father and It is my hope this will be resolved amicably.

  6. I do not like the fact that Mikel left hi father in isolation, please be a gentleman and ameliorate things with your father, no matter what his offence, remember you only have one daddy.

  7. Mikel remember this is the man that suffer for u people when u guys has nothing, he toil day and nights just to put food on ur table then at jos.I know ur family very well ur father is a very good man,i don’t know what happen later between u guys but whatever it is he’s ur father visit him talk to him and end all this hate

  8. Barrister Olawole Famakinwa JP

    I sympathise with Chief Obi for his kidnapping ordeals. This is more reason for Mikel Obi not to want to bring his wife and children to an ostensibly dangerous country. He has paid the ransom for his father to be released a SECOND time. He is not heartless. He has a wife, children and a job in another country. He cannot be running to Nigeria every month or listen to souls destroying sob stories from relatives in Nigeria on the phone. He is an adult, with a contract with his employers.

    • You are wrong sir.He doesn’t need to be coming home often. Calling a dad once in a while gives them the joy of being the father.Put yourself in the father’s shoe.

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  12. Emmanuel A Osayomi

    Quite pathethic. If this is real, It is bad and Mikel has to fix it before the man passes on. You don’t need to be phisically present to talk to your father. 5 year communication break with your Dad shows you and your Dad cannot see eye to eye. Whatever the cause is, pls do something to rectify it.

  13. Ludogorets Brozany

    May sanity prevail in your family

  14. Sth is there not an ordinary thing

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  16. Please leave the old man alone ooo

    His useless son hasn’t called him in 2years. What a useless son.

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  17. Nwanyi zutoo umu, onwu di aguwa ya!!
    Oburu inu…..

  18. This is a disaster. When it comes to family issues, there are a lot of unthinkable things that happens and have happened which do not know about. So sad.

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