Wednesday , 8 April 2020

Most Provocative Photos Of Nigerian Actress Oge Okoye


Popular Nollywood actress Oge Okoye, is indeed one of those actress who can stand heads high and boast of a good and happy

home. Though it might not be all rosy, but the saltry actress has been able to keep her private family life from the public.

It would be recalled that last year, for her hardwork and contributions to the growth and development of Igbo land, the star actress, was being rewarded with a chieftaincy title in Enugu State by one of the traditional rulers in the state.

Oge Okoye is now the Igolo Nwanyi 1 of Amoli kingdom in Awgu local government area of Enugu State.

The lovely actress, who was born in London and graduated from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University with a degree in Theatre Arts, has been married for 7years now and she has every course to glorify God for all that has been coming her way… She is Happily Married With 2 Lovely Kids…Well do you think its Okay For A Married Woman To Take These Kind Of Photos?





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  1. salivera leah adhiambo

    thats too bad hope shes ok upstairs

  2. Its her life…… Anything she like make she do……. We shall all dance to the tone of our music some day.

  3. Oge Okoye u re getting weird….indeed is a Provokative Picture..Am disappointed in all dis celebrities..Make we FLY

  4. Well it’s indeed embarrassing 4 a married woman and a mother of two to live a way word life. Sha is her life and I wish her luck!

  5. I wish i ill see her in f/b i would have tell her that want she is doing is not good becos she is married ad with 2 kid so it is not good 4 her

  6. What shameless person. Eiiii oge

  7. God i cen’t blieve it

  8. Nawa ooo all does actres no go kill us dis 1 nw we she go snap her self wat if her daughter c d pis in d mix of her frd chai dearis god ooo

  9. Igolo nwanyi 1, nothing do you carry go.

  10. I tire for her!!!

  11. Yes she is married but don’t forget that the husband new that he was going to get married to an actress n I don’t see anything wrong with what she’s wearing stop being negative because we r not better than her

  12. If she can do this just because of a movie what else can she not do for money just imagin a mother omg I pity the children

  13. If her man ain’t complaining then who are you to complain mind your own business. Oge i miss being on set with you girl.. cant wait to to work with you again, keep up the good work

  14. What ever we do on this earth, we will account 4 it one day dats wat I kw. So she should carry go while her kids n hubby should sit n watch dia descent Mother.

  15. My dear pls lay a good part for your children and people u are there Role model……GOD is watching us from a distance. one love

    • Y ar pple thinking like dis.what if dis picture was indeed captured by her husband….dats who she is..she is an actress, a celeb….u cn beat dat

  16. Nice picture.i see not wrong with it and be side she is not naked

  17. a beg carry go u 2 much

  18. The woman is a cerebritie na.let her Be n enjoy life there is nothing wrong with that,besides de husband dat de wife is a u oge

  19. pliz dont arest them i love them

  20. A marriage woman indeed

  21. She did what her father want

  22. Thers notn wrng er

  23. nothing bad there

  24. nothing bad there

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