Monday , 25 May 2020

My Children Are There For Me, I’ve Moved On – Tchidi’s Ex Wife Sophia Chikere

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One of the news stories that shocked many in Nollywood was the breakup between top movie producer, Tchidi Chikere and her

estranged actress-wife, Sophia. What further surprised many was when the man went ahead to marry Sophia’s colleague, Nuella Njubigbo. 

The wedding of Nuella and Tchidi was virtually snubbed by their colleagues in the movie industry, apparently not showing their support for the union. 

“Sometimes, you don’t wish certain things to happen, but when it does happen, you take it as one of those things in life and move on. it is just a small world. Being alive today is even a privilege and I don’t take it (the breakup) to the heart or as anything.

“I have my kids and they are lovely. My boys are there for me, that alone makes my day. I am not shaken about it, it is one of those things; it is life and I have moved on,” Sophia told our source in an exclusive chat.

Speaking on her newly launched perfume line called ‘Sophia Secrets’, the actress said her love for perfumes gave her the drive to go into that business, saying the perfumes are feminine only and made for Nigeria and sub region countries.

“It is a nice fragrance, it is feminine. It appeals to a whole of people; women, old, young and it is going places. I have many collections of perfumes, I love fragrance, I love perfumes, I love buying them, I love to smell good and I have been having this in my mind; starting my own perfume line,” she said.



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