Monday , 25 May 2020

Photos: Girl Mistakenly Sends InAppropriate Photos To Her Dad


There are a number of rules you have to follow when it comes to sexting successfully in this day and age, but the Number One Rule has to be:



“Don’t Send Nak.ed Pictures To Your Parents.” I’m not saying there’s an epidemic of people sending their moms and dads photos they were never meant to see, but apparently there are at least a few amateurs who haven’t figured out you should never hook up with someone whose name starts with “Da” or “Mo” (or anything that will place their names next to your parents’ in your contacts).

Unfortunately, Twitter user @dearfashionn wasn’t aware of this fact, and learned her lesson the hard way. Part of the conversation was uploaded online after the initial text was sent because everyone knows the only way to ease the pain after sending a n.aked picture to your dad is by gaining a bunch of followers on socialmedia. Hopefully, it was worth it.




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