Wednesday , 19 February 2020

Photos: Man Disgraces His Girlfriend, because She Stole His Money

1 a girl dance without 2

Guys, hide your money well o, if leaving a new girl in your house to go to work. Things are happening: This story was sent to Olu, please read:

“The lady was invited to Jos by her new lover and was left at home as the guy went to the office. Immediately the guy left, she ransacked the apartment. On her stumbling on the money [N30,000], she immediately took it and left the house without informing the owner of the house who invited her to Jos.

“Initially she switch off her phone but after a while when she felt she had gone far on her journey back to Okene [Kogi State], she sent a text message to the guy that she took the money because she received a call that her mother was sick and she had to travel back in a hurry.”

Check out photo of the babe on the guy’s bed…
1 a girl dance without 1




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  1. The most anoyíng tin is that the girl is from Okene, what kind of guy is dis for god sake, u see if u ask dem to Date u in Okene dey Will be saying rubbish dat dey cant Date their tribal guy dat we dont av money nw see ur Jos boy how responsible he is wit his money, na ur cross Make u carry am wella, dis Will teach the remaining Okene girls how to value what dey have around dem, cos i knw no Okene boy or man Will Ever do a tin like dis.

  2. the guy is very stupid and an ingrate y would he do such a tin after her explanation

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