Monday , 27 January 2020

Photos: Nigerian Soldiers Sleeping On The Bare Ground Beside Their Graves

Nigerian soldier, Abdurahman Abubakar took to his Facebook to share photos of soldiers sleeping on the ground, beside ‘their graves’.

He also expressed his displeasure that after all this, soldiers are not appreciated.

We slept on a naked ground beside our grave with one eye open at alert just 2 make sure u guyz sleep in peace n comfortable at home with ur familyz while we left our own family’s all alone nd scared thinking of us weather we r gonna make it or nt. Bt after all diz sacrifice we made some bastards will said dat soldiers r nt doing anything, okey y don’t u come n do wat we can’t ….. M just proud 2 b a professional soldier HUUURAAA



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  1. In my candid opinion, the Nigeria army deserves the best especially the foot soldiers, we are also aware of the gross corruption in the military whereby some money that is meant for trainings and welfare are diverted by the top shots for personal gains and you dare not talk. The challenges comfronting our military in are unexaustible as top leaders use their gun power to commit all sorts of atrocities. Nigerians are very much aware of all these. Is it their intimidation, harassment, humiliation or is it there egoism, rascallism and the spirit of showmanship the often exhibit in public places of which i have witnessed myself and the rest of them. Having say this, there is still good number of patriotic soldiers void of religion, tribal and ethnic bias who are still doing their best for the betament of the country. It is a wrong thing when a soldier begins to compare the rigorousity of his operation with the freedom right of a citizen that he is meant to protect. When this is done, then priority has been misplaced for selfishness, regret and egoism and at this stage it becomes very suicidal to put any army with this mindset over the watch of any people or posted to assume duty post. Please train our soldiers they are a gift to this country.

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