Tuesday , 7 April 2020

The Part 2 Full Video Of The 15year Old Owerri JSS Girl Is Out!!!

Just 3 days ago we brought you the video of the 15year old Girl who was seriously making love to over 8 men as an initiation process into their cult group, below is the report for those who missed it Watch Part One Video;

A Source just sent in one of the most shocking video i have ever watched in my life according to the source the video allegedly shows a 15year old secondary school girl named chioma from owerri been Gang Banged by 8 abled bodied men.

15 year Old Owerri Secondary School Girl Named Chioma Laughs And Moans In Excitement As 8 Men Take Turns To Sleep With Her As Initiation Process Into Their Cult Group In Imo State Nigeria

According to the source who sent in the video the incident happed in Imo State Owerri the 15year old girl willingly subjected herself to this act as an intiation process into a cult Group, The most shocking thing in this video is that non of these guys even wore a condom.

Well the Part 2 of the video has just been sent to us and this one puts every speculation that she was either  drugged to rest, because you can now boldly see her crack jokes and gist with the boys after the ordeal.

Click Here To Download The Video

Click here to watch the video

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  1. So unfortunate though I hv nt seen the video in full but I Still have my reservations, it might be an arrange stuff from gossipmill pls send me the video 07032359082

  2. Nothing like “small girl” again in Nigeria oga.

  3. I will advice you@gossipmill to stop uploading this kind of video to your website because, I dont know what you guys drive from it, expose and spoiling someone’s image for no profit. If you guys feel like to help the situation this is not the right thing to do upload someone’s nude to the World. I don’t blame the girl but to whom that raise her.

  4. To my own thinking,I feel sorry for the boys, cos we hard about evil spirit coming as human to collect man glory… I think the girl is possessed… The boys will know in the nearess future.

  5. This is very disheartening, somebody’s child, beautiful girl that a man will look at and say this is my future wife, poor parents who will be working tirelessly to give her their best and only to hear her use words like ” I don fuck finish’ and you will pay for my pant. Where did society go wrong that this child cannot see the immense concequences of her actions, even social
    Media publicises the use of protection and abstinence. Is all these for money, to be the best in the game or for whatever reason, my heart truly goes out to her family and that of the men.
    These so called men will have sisters, daughters and to think the will do this to a child, filming this abomination and going hard without the use of a condom. Karma is a bitch and I only pray she turns around from this and it ends here, I hope she does not contact anything from these men or even give these idiot men some disease too. Sad sad sad.

  6. let me reserve my coment until i watch the video.

  7. i cnt c d video, hw do i go abt it

  8. please take down this video,for the sake of sanity

  9. princess pleasure

    Please gossip mill help me share this till it gets to the owner –
    Hello Linda, I know you can hear me, if you’re lucky enough to get this message earlier then I advice you listen carefully.

    You stole my man away from me, you made me cry for weeks, you gave me sleepless nights Linda, and you think you can get away with it? Well that’s hilarious cause am coming for you Linda, am going to make your life a living hell, am going to make you beg for mercy because you do not deserve any from me.

    I got to know that son of a slut proposed to you and you dumb asses are getting married soon, well enjoy it while it last honey cause am going to put an end to your miserable life am going to put a stop to your happiness.
    You’re going to learn it the hard way that no-one messes around with me.

    Best of luck to you, and may the strongest lady be left standing. Bye

    • If I say I want a chance to meet with you how will you feel dear. Because I think your special belove

  10. Sorry dear..please do not do something bad beause, meybe the man is not ir future husband do not worry ur really husband will come to you..ok live everything in God…i know it hurts like hell but u still have to forgive and let it go ok..someone is out there that os made for u…all u need to do is ask God for your life partner…

  11. My dear what God has put together let no man put as under…u will be fine i promis

  12. Please can you send me the video?

  13. Idiot you Nigerians
    Ogah you make follow little children with cameras Like Holly Spirit.
    Omera give me a lanslide space…. 15yrs, 8 men de go one time. Awardment to That holed Angel

  14. Please gossip mill… Send me the two videos… For this number.
    08060540578… Please

  15. WhatsApp number, for the two videos …please

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  25. Stop begging for this yeye story. Have you seen anything on this post like, thanks for sending to my whatsapp. This story is rubbish without the evidence. Why posting it for the first place? You want to get famous with this kind of cheep lies. Show ur evidence.

    • Exactly its all fake its just a distraction to get people to not pay attention on what’s happening in the world.

    • Exactly its all fake its just a distraction to get people to not pay attention on what’s happening in the world.

    • Exactly its all fake its just a distraction to get people to not pay attention on what’s happening in the world.

  26. You’re are busy posting hard core porn to the world and call it gossip mill. Repent

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