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Shocking Confessions Of A Reckless 25 Year Old Veteran Nigerian Pr*stitute


She’s just 25 years old, practicing s*x trade in far away Paris, France in the past

three years. Her name is Nkem Achaluagwu, a native of Agbor in Delta State, Nigeria.
She arrived France at the age of 22 years, promised a plum job of modeling in
Europe, but ended as a ‘pr*stitute’ who has s*xually serviced over 200 men so
far; many of whom hardly wore ‘c*ndoms,’ while sleeping with her.

Her Story

In an emotional laden voice, she explained her journey into the infamy world
of s*x trade in Europe. Her words: “I am from Agbor in Delta State, Nigeria.
I had a Nigerian boyfriend, Emeka, who used to stay here in France and normally
come visit us in the village in Delta State. He told me i am just wasting the beauty
God gave to me anyhow in the village. That i should be serious so he could help
me come to Europe, get a well-paying job by being a model in France. Since
he was then my boyfriend and being that he had multiple entry Shengen Visa to
enter the country i was relaxed thinking i was in safe hands. I’m 25 years old
and I’ve slept with over a 200 people and I just can’t stop. Whenever i feel so
lonely, i smoke Marijuana (Indian Hemp) to get high and be relaxed that all
is well,

Emeka showed his true evil color…ran away

“I was very shocked that three years ago when on arrival here abroad, Emeka
seized my Nigerian traveling passport, after he had showed me a room that
i would be sleeping with a warning that any man who entered that room, i
should satisfy them with whatsoever they want. I tried many times to know
what he meant by that but he was not forthcoming, except that i should
obey his instructions or else he will the Immigration or French Police
to report me. I was scared to be deported because i could still imagine
the poverty my people at home were. Only few of them wore condoms after
so much pressure. Majority of them prefer skin-to-skin. With time, i
saw it a hobby to now have s*x for survival since i always send money home
for their upkeep and survival.

I had no other option but to keep satisfying the lustful s*xual desires of these
men, most of whom could be my biological father’s age mate. There was no way
i could have called because i had no cell phone and i am being daily monitored
in the room trough a ccTV Camera secretly hid somewhere there.
I’ve had a few boyfriends but I always end up cheating on them, I can’t help it
– I always try not to sleep with people but I just can’t. I crave the attention that it
gives me and the way it makes me feel, even if it’s just for a few hours.

I want to stop it because I know that one day I might end up with an STD or getting hurt
but I’m always thinking of other ways of having s*x and meeting new people.
really do know that I need to stop this but I just don’t know how. Please help.
There was a particular time the Immigration and the French Police came to raid
our area, close to my house-Emeka ran away and till now never came back.”

Begs Parents, Families for Forgiveness

She told Naija Standard ” I am really sorry i dont know how to face my parents again.
More so i would be taken for a fool without any achievement to show. I have no regrets over my

Nigeria/Cameroon biggest suppliers of Black African Pr*stitutes

Cameroon and Nigeria are two big suppliers of black African pr*stitutes paving and pacing
the streets of France’s major cities at night and some in broad daylight. Interestingly or
not, they are not the only African countries supplying pr*stitutes to France and that are
also in a tough competition with other supplying countries of Eastern Europe, the former
Soviet Republics and Asia (China and India). Besides Cameroon and Nigeria, the other African
countries supplying pr*stitutes in France are Algeria, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo,
Central African Republic, Morocco, Mali, Tunisia, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

The Algerians, Moroccans and Tunisians are almost at home in France and practicing the old
trade with easy, even though within their communities they are considered as pariahs. One
other factor helping them is that, most North Africans have skin pigmentation that are not
different from those of native white French.

Hence they easily dilute themselves within the professional hard core of French pr*stitutes.
North African prostitutes have their own niche market. They are found in cafes or bars of
some well known streets in big cities of France and Belgium. As for those from West Africa,

since they are all blacks, they are easily identified especially that, they are always complete
with explicitly flashy dresses that describe the trade in which they are in. But not all black
pr*stitutes on the streets of major cities of France are from Africa.

Some are from Latin America, specifically from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru or from the
French dependencies of Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guiana. However Cameroonians and Nigerians
are presently the ring leaders in the illegal and disrespectful trade. But it seems that, most
Cameroonians and Nigerians do not consider pr*stitution to be a bad trade. Recently, I was
horrified when a Cameroonian boldly told me that, Cameroonian pr*stitutes and fraudsters who
are abroad are the ones running the economy of that West African state. Whether it was an
exaggeration that only Cameroonians are best at? It is not clear. But the reality is that,
pr*stitution has taken another dimension in both Cameroon and Nigeria.

Although Nigerians are not boisterous and loquacious as Cameroonians are, they are the ones
who are leading the evil trade, particularly Nigerians from an eastern ethnic group known as
the Igbos. Igbos gangs are well organised like those from Eastern Europe and China, whereas
other African states or their nationals such as Cameroonians have remained amateurs in the
malevolent trade. Nevertheless, not all Cameroonians or Nigerians are involved in the trade.
And in both countries, not all parts are involved or affected by the scourge.

And People from Northern Nigeria and Northern Cameroon are notoriously absent as intermediaries
or actors in the trade. Moreover there are no clear explanations for their non-existence. Some
think that, it might be that, both northern regions of Cameroon and Nigeria which are predominantly
Muslims, the dominant religion may operate as deterrent. But it is not clear or justified because,
other Islamic countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Tunisia and Senegalese are either pr*stituting
or have some gangs controlling and bringing their nationals to practise the creepy trade in Europe.

The other reasons might be that, the northern parts of both Cameroon and Nigeria have remained rural
and little urbanized or that, their exposure and level of educations are adrift in comparison with
other regions in both countries. Hence Northern Cameroon and Northern Nigeria, whose natives are both
witnessing perhaps more the difficult economic climate in both countries, have remained enigmas as to
why they are not acting as gangs organizing pr*stitutions or their girls operating as actors.



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