Tuesday , 7 April 2020

Top 15 Single Nollywood Actresses Who Are Not considering Marriage Yet See Their Real Ages Too (With Pictures)


Almost every woman wants to marry, infact it is every woman’s Dream to finally Walk the Aisle with Her Mr Right, some Find theirs Very Easily while some others wait till eternity but their so-called “Mr Right” just never show up!

In the past year, We have seen some of our favorite Ripe Actresses get plucked off the Tree these include, Mercy Johnson, Nse Ekpe Etim, Annie Marcaulay latest was the very controversial Tonto dikeh who got her dowry paid by her heartthrob Churchill just to mention a few.

But for some getting married anytime soon is just not forth coming yet, some of  this ripe actresses are really getting old so pardon us if we sought to term them “Over Riped” Here is the list of Top 13 Nollywood Actresses who are not considering marriage yet we added 3 actors to the list

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  1. Who says they want a man?

  2. Shes ok wit d way she is wen d tym cums she wil get married marriage is somtin u suld rush into bcuz is a lyf tym journey if u dnt wnt ur marriage to crash u wait 4 Gods tym n dat is wat shes doing.

  3. Wow longtime movie actress

  4. Pls go and marrie and stop this Africa Queen matter

  5. Thanxs 4 knowi GOD.

  6. I thought she’s Married to Don jazzy

  7. Douglas Abosede O

    So nice and cool

  8. Live is a choice

  9. U do not Lk good but you are an angel

  10. Being a single don’t not make a woman strong. Ok

  11. Pls can i be like u dr

  12. philda,you a fool to say that,at 36 she has no man and you saying strong woman,sleeping around with men,happy single to you ladies if you very ok it.a strong woman is she that has a God lovely family.

  13. It means she loves her body more thn anythin. e bible says if u dnt marry do Gods work. It is nt wrong to b single in e eye of God which means u should do His duties

  14. Martins Igwahi and being married does…..actually yes being a single mother does make one a very very very strong woman….and that will never change.

  15. McTony Chuks Awww calling me a fool so you can lift your ego it must be really low……..Is having a man what we are born to do…does life stop because you have no man??I think she is still alive……our world does not revolve around a man…..if a man can sleep around with many women so can a woman……A strong woman is one who can hold it on her own and does not depend on anyone….get that into your thick head.

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