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    • Live broadcast platform overseas UPLIVE landed in Nigeria, “social + live broadcast” to catch the needs of African users

      The potential and pattern of African social market

      Africa, with its long history, splendid culture, vast territory, rich products and a young population structure, make this distant land full of vitality and hope. The “Belt and Road” policy is prompting more and more Chinese companies to enter Africa. At this stage, Africa has strong plasticity and unlimited potential in terms of labor resources, urbanization and consumer demand. Many Chinese companies have taken root in Africa, and the funds, experience, employment platforms, partners and market channels needed for Africa’s development have come one after another. Among them, there are many well-known sea-going enterprises, such as Tecno, Alibaba, and the live streaming platform named Uplive joined in Nigeria market 3 months ago.

      Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa, with nearly 100 million Internet users, about 50% of Internet penetration which is among the best. In addition, 80% of Nigerians mobile terminals are in the leading position worldwide. Therefore, Nigeria has also become a battleground for the development of social products in Africa. .
      In addition, the leader telecom operator Safaricom promotes the Internet mobile payment system in East Africa. VISA also started promotion on online QR payment in Nigeria, the rapid development of mobile payment also provides a good foundation for the development of Internet and social activities online.

      Core competitiveness is the localization of enterprises

      For live broadcast platform, the use of payment is the core of platform of profitability and continuous operation. The economic development level determines the user’s entertainment consumption ability, and also encourages the high-paying of people’s in area, that is, the key to profitability and long-term development. The proportion of smart phones used in the capital regions of various countries in Africa is around 60%-70%. The per capital GDP of Africa as a whole is also higher than that of India, which is first choice for Chinese company to in overseas market. The data shows that Africans have a strong willingness to consume, so Africa also has a “paid” soil in terms of consumption power.

      Although the live broadcast industry is successful in the Chinese market, due to differences in user habits and cultural backgrounds. The development of the live broadcast model overseas is definitely not a copy of the Chinese market experience which makes the African market relatively special. Due to local politics, culture, religion, language, consumption habits and other factors, overseas companies may go to Africa. If they are not fully integrated into Africa, it may be difficult to carry out the business. Uplive has extended its previous operating model in the Middle East, India and other countries. They use a larger proportion of employed locals that have explored local potential high-quality anchors through agent companies.

      This time in Nigeria, Uplive’s local operations team recruited through the campus to optimize the high-quality, high-profile and very friendly young anchor, which catered to the aesthetic and social needs of local Internet users. On the one hand, the anchors show themselves to the world through the Uplive platform, and at the same time make a wide range of new friends. This work and entertainment coexist working way, providing local young people with the opportunity to realize their dreams. On the other hand, the high-quality anchor resources make the newly-launched Uplive successful. The attention of African users has laid a solid foundation for subsequent development.

      In the process of continuously exploring the global market, Uplive explored the “localized” operation mode of the local channel, feasibility and effective lower cost, and also expanded the market scale with higher efficiency with just 3 months in Nigeria. Under the strong call of high-quality anchors, users who have attracted a large number of pan-African regions have joined Uplive. Up to now, the number of users has reached more than 100,000, Monthly pays is continuing to grow steadily at a rate of 100 times.

      Create “social + live broadcast” the world’s largest pan-entertainment video social platform

      Throughout the live broadcast and social areas, there have been successful company products cut into the live broadcast from the social platform, but there are some company products that have been cut into social from the live broadcast but have not been successful.
      As a company with gamified social genes, Uplive will try more operational strategies in the future. Move to the “design + live broadcast” field. Uplive users can not only watch live streaming, but also interact with videos, text, images, groups, and more. The social attributes of many overseas products are not very strong, and our strong sociality is also a means of tying overseas users.

      Uplive is accumulating a lot of experience in over sea operations, coupled with the support of Chinese national policies. Uplive may create more value and miracles in Africa, and in the future, it will radiate the entire English-speaking region of Africa with Nigeria as the center. African countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, and more local enterprises with Chinese-funded enterprises to jointly develop markets, share customer resources and service capabilities and also work together to create a more comprehensive pan-entertainment system to enhance user experience, user realization and also efficiency. To inject new vitality into the development of the live broadcasting industry in Africa.

      About Uplive (Up Live)

      Uplive which was founded in May 2016, is a social product that brings together more than 100 million people worldwide. More than 5,000 international high-quality anchors, supermodels and actors are the best and most exciting for you to play 7×24 hours. A big show for global life.

      Uplive (Up Live APP) is the largest pan-entertainment video social platform in the world, headquartered in Beijing – Asia Innovation Group (AIG). Uplive was launched online in China in July 2016, and has established branches in major regions such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Egypt, Morocco, and North America. It has a strong and mature R&D team and distribution.
      The first launch of Uplive set a record for many operations in iOS and Android in Taiwan, Vietnam and the Middle East. It immediately occupied the first place in the download of similar products of IOS and Andriod , with the first installment and revenue . More than 100 million users and also having more than 100,000 host worldwide.

      About Asia Innovation Group

      Founded in 2013, Asia Innovation Group was founded by Tian Xingzhi, former general manager of Zynga China, and Ouyang Yun, former deputy general manager of Tencent’s strategy department. The Group has successively obtained venture capital from the world’s leading investment institutions KPCB China, Magic Stone Alternative Investment,MSA, Index Ventures, White Star Capital and famous angel investors from, Facebook, Google and Zynga.

      Based on the concept of innovative connectivity, the Group is committed to building a new generation of mobile internet group companies for global users based on social and online entertainment. Established branches in 14 regions including the Middle East, North Africa, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.。

      At present, the group has a number of star products such as UpLive, Superfans, Pengpeng, FunPepper, and Phanlax Heroes, with more than 100 million users. The Group also built a global pan-entertainment mobile platform through the acquisition of Taiwan’s MimiCam live broadcast platform and other high-quality assets of Southeast Asia’s largest video production company BIGCAT, and expanded in the international market.

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